Apidra in an insulin pump

I recently switched for Novolog to Apidra in my insulin pump. I have heard mixed reviews but so far I have been doing okay with it. The reason for switching was because Apidra is supposed to have a faster MOA than Novolog and I needed that for work.

Additionally, its free through my insurance and I was paying 100.00 a month for novolog! It is because of THIS reason I am determined to make the Apidra work... 100.00 a month of ALOT of extra money.

My question is as follows, how often do most of you leave the Apidra in your pump. I typically left my novolog in for a week which it was approved for, but Apidra say no longer than 48 hours! I only get enough infusion sets to change my site every 3 days so that's concerning. Just wondering if anyone has had success leaving it in the cartridge for longer than 2 days?

So far I can't tell if I need more insulin using Apidra which a lot of people have mentioned on here, but that's cause I sick so my numbers are all over the place right now anyways.

I currently pod so I can only leave it in for 80 hours max. But when I was on the MM 522, I would fill the reservoir and use the whole thing over multiple set changes. I think I average about 65 units per set, so I guess I would leave it in for more than a week?

That can't be right - but I know I would use one reservoir for at least 2 infusion sets.

Oh, and I've only ever used Apidra. I have never had an issue with it, and I live in Houston where it's 90+ for over 4 months of the year.

I have used Apidra in my pump for over 5 years. I Have not noticed any degradations in its effectiveness over the three days between set changes. I generally change out on the third day, not because the insulin had lost its power, but because it is gone( yes I use it to the very last drop!!) and the set needs changing.. I have even, when I have to do a set change because there is aa problem with the infusion site, filled the half-empty resevoir with newer apidra and not a thing ,in terms of insulin potency was affected. I like Apidra, because it works a tad quicker than the Humalog I was using.The Pre-bolus for meals works in about 20-25 minutes rather than 30-35. Corrections work just slightly quicker too.
But apidra does not linger very long. I can suspend the pump and take it off for short periods in the water, an hour or less,like showering, bathing, in aqua aerobics, or short forays in a pool.. Long days in the water/on the beach require the "tetherless" approach with lantus and shots for that day, but that is ok for one day. Pumping with apidra is always the more convenient choice.
God bless,