Appealing CGM denial

I am in the process of appealing my Medicare Plus Blue, in Mi., denial. I feel that as long as there is little, or no pressure on Ins. Co. to approve these life saving products, why in the world would they. For those who believe these companies are only in business to help people, please stop here and read something else.
If we as a huge group can get our congressmen, senators, and gov. agencies to take this up as a critical cause, thus putting enormous pressure on Ins. Co., also, contact local newspapers, which isn’t that difficult to get them to publish your article due to the fact that they have many days in which they are having trouble filling space. They are ALWAYS looking for a “new” story line.
If all reading this would call a newspaper writer, get him/her personally on the line and have a 30 second sound bite prepared, which should be worded in such a way that most people whoud want to read an article on this subject, I assure you, in a short matter of time, you will read your article in that paper. Better yet, is to convince this writer to meet with you. It is not difficult.
I will be happy and proud to help in any way I can.
There is enormous power in numbers.
I am going to do all this and more. Without a huge outpouring from my friends, my work will be as effective as a baby crying in the wilderness. Lets get this ball rolling today.
What you say???

I’m with you. I just got told I don’t quilify because I don’t have enough severe lows. Nevermind the rollercoaster of readings I get daily. It feels like I just got told that my life it not worth making better. I’ll do what I can to bring more attention to the lack of CGM coverage and letting the insurance companies know that we won’t just roll over and accept everything they say.

Thats it Bek, remember newspaper people are always under pressure to find an interesting topic. Our tudiabetes site under CGM would be an excellent discovery for them.
Give it a try.