Apple Watch lowest version

Does anyone know what’s the oldest Apple Watch that will work with the dexcom.
I don’t need to newest greatest for this.
I really only want it for glucose monitoring and I will,look to buy an older model or an outdated one.
But I want to be sure I don’t get one that is not supported.

I have the Apple watch 3 which can be bought new for well under $200, probably way less used. Always works for Dexcom readings. These watches are pretty fragile though, watch out for cracked screen if you buy used.

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Some people are still using series 1, it works. But there are far more series 3 around, they are pretty cheap now and a much better device all round. The larger watch (42mm) has better battery life than the smaller (38mm).

When and if Dexcom ever release a transmitter with direct-to-watch connection it will almost certainly only support series 4 and upwards as these are the first model with Bluetooth 5.

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I think series 3 is the lowest supported by Apple. I have a series 3 and it still works with the Dexcom app.

I actually just got a series 6 this week to replace my series 3 so I can at least report its working on both.

Look at Amazon for new series 3 watches. However, It looks like they come form 3rd party sellers. So that always gives me pause.