Apple Watch with DexcomG6 - what do YOU do for alerts at night?

Thank you ALL! This is not the answer I hoped for but at least now I know. I will try the Sugarmate app but I am unsure how much cellular data I have. I think I may just see if they can undo the cellular they added to the watch and I’ll just have to keep the phone with me all the time. I love the watch for swimming and I have a waterproof bag to keep the phone nearby. I also do a lot of driving for work and it’s great not to have play with the phone to get my blood sugars, I can see them on the watch. Those are the only reasons I use it.

The amount of data it uses will be minimal. I keep mine running all the time and I really don’t notice it at all. It is pushing a single number to your watch once every 5 min.
That’s nothing compared to looking at photos or streaming a quick video clip or something.
I looked at my consumption before I got the watch and after and I don’t see any difference.
However my watch does switch to Wi-Fi when I am home.
But I’m sure that is the same for everyone.

There is one watch, Bluejay, standalone to get dexcom data. This reads direct to Transmitter. But have not used.

My solution is android phone with xDrip and Tandem pump with direct pairing to Transmitter. And Fitbit watch that displays xDrip BG, CGM trend, steps, and other fitbit data from android phone. T:Connect phone app displays pump data, and loads to web account for review with Endo.


I use a Fitbit watch . The readings on the watch do not come directly from the Dexcom.
The reading comes from the dexcom app on the phone which is synced with the FitBit App. You have to remember both apps get their info via Bluetooth which has a twenty foot range. I only use the glucose data on the watch at night , so I don’t have to fumble with 9th the pone that’s on my night table.
At one dime I tried putting my phone in a water proof bag so I could swim and monitor my glucose. Guess what. Bluetooth is even mor limited thru water