Apple Watch 6 and G6

As an early Christmas gift this year, my husband bought me the new iWatch 6. Since I already have an iPhone XR which is paired to my Dexcom G6, I decided to add that pairing to my new watch. I love it! Now I can just glance at my watch to see what my G6 reading is and where my trend is heading. If I want a better look at the trend, I simply touch the watch stem and get a 1 or 3 hour glance at my glucose levels. I still have not learned how to use all of the features of the watch, but I am very impressed with the ease of seeing where my levels are at just a glance without having to haul my phone out of my pocket or purse.


Is there some way to take the phone app out of the picture if you use the watch?

I don’t think there is because I think that the phone is the receiver. But, I just thought I would ask.

My G6 isn’t super useful anymore because the BT communication is a weak signal. Its getting cold here now, and it doesn’t transmit through my blankets at night. Watch might be a better option if it runs the Dexcom app.

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I know with certain Android watches, that can be set up with xDrip "as “collector”, the watch can show bg number and trend, without phone.

I currently use android phone with xDrip, and fitbit ionic watch with bg trend from xDrip. Could also set up from dexcom follow.


My Apple watch gets its Dexcom readings and the Looping info from my iPhone. I edited my watch face so it always shows my blood glucose level and it does allow you to bolus from the watch but your choices are limited compared to using your phone or else I have not figured out how to do it correctly on the watch. So far I have preferred to use the phone for a bolus or entering carbs consumed but I use it most frequently to check on my blood glucose levels and what direction they are headed.


Interesting. xDrip is a phone app?

I know that the dexcom transmits directly to the phone app.

Yes, but you download from github.

Here is discussion on it.

For android only.

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I wonder if I will be able to get by with Dexcom G6. Hoping G7 is better.

I get so much sensor inaccuracy that I’ve always been scared to restart G6. But, maybe I could try. I think one of the fundamental problems is the communication failures from BT. There’s no changing that. I also don’t like how it backfills missing data to make it look like the data was never missing. It feels like data falsification. I’m touchy about that.

I don’t think it does that. The transmitter can store multiple values, so if phone/receiver is out of BT range/connection they will backfill (with original data) when recoonnect, at least for some amount of time.

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I mostly use the iPhone for bolusing with Loop as well EXCEPT when exercising. The iWatch is super convenient for bolusing during runs, and to keep in eye on BGs.

Ahhh, I see.

At this point, there is NOT any way to take the iPhone out of the picture. You are correct that the phone app is the receiver, so the data has to go through the phone to the watch. Apple keeps promising that they are working on a direct link, but that has not happened yet. I wish that Apple and Dexcom could work together more closely because I certainly would like to NOT have to still keep the phone on me at all times.

I remember Dexcom saying during an earnings call that direct sensor to AppleWatch support requires a new transmitter and they did not want to make the announcement while old transmitters were still in the field. This was pre-COVID. Now G7 is so close that I doubt the direct sensor to AppleWatch support will happen for G6.

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I agree that Dexcom always seems to have a reason not to make this direct link possible. We will have to see what the G7 has to offer. If anything does finally work, I hope it will be compatible with this new iWatch 6. For what I paid for this thing, I will not be replacing it any time soon!

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A comment and a question:

Comment: I believe the data backfill by the G6 transmitter is 3 hours. I think I read that in some DexCom document.

Question: how do you bolus from the Apple watch? I have an iWatch series 4, I believe, with the latest OS and the Dexcom G6 app. I don’t see any way to do a bolus from that app. Am i missing something, or am zi perhaps not using the right app? Thanks for any enlightenment.

The G5 transmitter software and firmware does backfill up to 3 hours of data gaps:

This functionality continues with the G6 transmitter / software.

Meanwhile, G7 beta testing continues:

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I use the DIY Loop Apple Watch app to bolus. It is integrated with DIY Loop.

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I keep the looping app on my Apple watch so it is always visible and find that very helpful in monitoring my blood glucose levels. The only problem is that when I’m going for a walk I use the exercise app and that covers up my looping app. I also like the option of being able to bolus from my watch if necessary although I have not needed to use it yet. And so far the app seems to be working fine on my watch after the last Apple watch operating system update.

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I thought G7 was supposed to be lower profile like Libre? The sensor pictured is chunkier than the G6…is it not just a test mule rather than the final form factor?

I also got a new iwatch 6, but could not get it to work. I was told by Dexcom the iwatch6 is not yet compatible and it is not listed as a compatible device. Would love to know how you got it to work! Really miss seeing my readings on my iwatch.

I have used the G6 for more than a year, and my iPhone is the XR. My watch is an Apple Watch 6. I have the G6 app and the Apple Watch app on the phone. Through the Watch app, you can link the G6 to it, and configure the complications on your watch to view your glucose levels on the watch. I have mine visible on the face so I can see my glucose each time I look at my watch. Having the two apps on the phone is the key to linking them since the watch receives the readings through your phone. You can go online for specific instructions to link your phone and then watch to the G6. Just type " link Dexcom G6 to iPhone" in the search engine. You will be able to link the two together.