Apple Watch?

My apologies in advance to those brave xdrip and Lenox souls still pioneering the routes for those of us who would love to return to droids as soon as the FDA approves the use of Dexcom with Android platforms. I don’t even know if I spelled Lenox right or if I used the right terminology there.

Anyone else considering adding the Apple Watch to their Christmas list? Honestly, I could not care less about any other feature (other than Dexcom compatibility), but I didn’t know if Dex works in the same way in the watch as it does with my phone. I’m considering the watch primarily because as much as I love the Dexcom app on my phone, I don’t like being tethered to my phone (or my kids seeing me so dependent on it…sometimes for matters of health and sometimes…um not).

Would welcome any reviews. I’m currently using the Dexcom G5.

Thanks in advance!

I just got my first CGM a couple of weeks ago with my Medtronic 630g pump, so no app for me :frowning: But I do have an Apple Watch and really enjoy using it ! The navigation on it is great! I like the heartbeat tracker too. I can tap my watch and ask Siri to add appointments to my calendar, read and respond to emails and text messages , and I even downloaded a couple of games ( Farm time , and some code cracking game ). I wish that Medtronic would work with phones and watches!

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My mom was kind enough to ‘treat’ me to an Apple Watch a few months ago for my Dexcom. I wasn’t sure if I would really like it as I don’t wear bracelets, or watches in general. They bug my wrist. I must confess though, I have been wearing it pretty religiously, and I really do like it. It is very comfortable, I get lots of compliments on it (I got the lavender/rose gold one). I LOVE the accessibility of seeing my numbers right on my wrist. To the point, as excited as I am about the 670G Medtronic pump coming out next year…I don’t know if I want to give up the freedom the Dexcom provides (that, and I have been a Dex user for many years). I’m a fan!

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Did you try searching for Apple Watch on here? Lots of info already here.

Thanks for the responses, and for directing me here, Anthony. My apologies for missing it. Was on a short timetable so posted quickly without a thorough search.

I guess one question I still have…trying to connect the dots from various threads…is whether I can still monitor by iPhone and watch? Seems like maybe not?

Both your phone and watch will display your BG. There is more detail on your phone.

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I’m in on my second apple watch, this time the nike edition. The battery is good this time, it lasts me two days, easily.
Pros: you can set the app to vibrate on the watch, i.e. you don’t need to care about the sugar until you get the vibration on your wrist. You can also get this feedback during the night not having to wake up the whole neighborhood. Also, it is more discrete at work, meetings etc.
The other good thing is that, at least, I ended up watching my phone less, because I can quickly look what kind of email/message I just received and, in most cases, just ignore it and continue with whatever I was doing. With the phone only, you need to react to the sound, take it up, check etc.
And yes, discretion again - I am completely soundless with the watch.

Do I recommend it - definitely. I only feel sorry for my real watch, which I paid big money but which has been collecting dust during the last 10 months or so.