Apple Watch and G6-Is it worth it?

I do not have an Apple watch. Currently use g6 on my iPhone. Is it worth it to get an apple watch to have bg reading on wrist? Interested in opinions out there from those who use the apple watch and g6. From other posts, I understand that my phone has to be close to me to receive bg readings, correct? Is this a hassle? Does it defeat the purpose? Thanks so much for reading and replying!!

I love having my BG available on my watch. It’s so much easier for me than reaching into my pocket, pulling out my iPhone and getting to the right screen. With my watch I just raise my wrist and it’s there. This is particularly valuable when I’m in bed and when I’m working out.

You do need to have the iPhone within reading distance of the transmitter. That’s not much of a downside since I almost always have my phone with me. Dexcom says they will have an app available that will connect the Apple Watch directly to the transmitter eliminating the iPhone from the link. They have said ‘it’s right around the corner’ several times, but so far nothing.

When I got my Apple watch I was not diabetic but liked having notifications on my wrist and not needing to take out my phone in a meeting to look.

Now that I have to check my sugar its really helpful for the same reason. In meeting or conversations I can look at the watch instead of phone to see what my number/trend is.

Also its nice when I go running. I have the phone on my arm and its not easy to look at but I can look at my wrist to check my sugar while running.

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I am an android user, and the apps tend to be a little different, but I love the watch, and rarely look at my phone for BG valueswatch my sister In law works with someone at her hospital who recently had to be taken to er for hypoglycemia and she had the Dexcom and Medtronic pump… I think the watch would have prevented this, but. They are not always the easiest to figure out and set up…definitely will need to change the watch face…I use xdrip, you’ll probably use xdrip iOS

Thank you, everyone for taking the time to reply. Is there a certain watch face that I would need to get in order to have my bg displayed on the home screen? If that makes sense? Or which apple watch would be the best for displaying bg?

Both the Apple Watch 3 and 4 will work. I’d choose base on the other features available and how much you want to spend. Once you have the watch you can select any of the digital watch faces programmed into the system. You can switch between watch faces anytime you like. I use the Modular watch face. If you tap on the “Dexcom” name another screen will appear with a trend graph.

I’d suggest buying your watch at the Apple store and ask them to help you set it up while you’re there. All you’ll need is your iPhone with the Dexcom app installed.

Thank you!!! I feel like I saw someone post about insurance covering apple watch? Does anyone know any truth to this???

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That would be awesome! I’m a bit doubtful, but my ears and eyes stand ready for someone to offer any insight into this? My FitBit Charge 2 is sadly kaput and I miss what it gave me!

I added the Dexcom and Loop complications to one of the Apple provided watchfaces. Just tap the complication brings up the corresponding Dexcom or Loop app. Very convenient when running or exercising.