Are we seeing supply chain issues?

I got 1 bottle of Humalog. Took 1 month.

I’m going to Walmart for backup NPH and R.

I got 2 out of 3 vials of Fiasp this week. Pharmacist said the warehouse was back ordering the 3rd vial. His theory was the number of people ordering an extra refill this week caused a temporary hiccup in the supply.

Yea, my pharmacist just said the same thing. He expected trouble over the next couple of weeks. Plenty of the old fashioned stuff at Walmart - but, it was R and NPH.

In Canada, we’ve been continually assured by provincial and federal government, as well as suppliers and manufacturers, that there is no disruption to the supply chain. People have just been buying absurd amounts of some items. As a result, some stores and pharmacies are putting limits on the number of items an individual can purchase.

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My Fiasp scrip was filled just before all the work-from-home lock-out thing came down here in Boston, so I was all set. Same goes for our 3-month TP order, coincidentally.

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I haven’t had issues yet. I’ve got a healthy stock right now anyway. Figure I can always eat less and reduce my insulin way down if I need to.

I did get some 70/30 from Walmart last week, though. We figured better to pad the stash than not. Only got 3 vials, so as not to be greedy. I might get more on another trip, though.

You dont want it to go bad. 3 months probably more than sufficient for 1 person. They are having trouble from people over stocking right now. It will be fine in a few weeks.

3 vials is a one month supply. We always have a extra prepping just because we’re so rural. It’s hard to go shopping.

Holy cow!!! I wonder how many vials I need a month. I should double check my supplies maybe. I dont know…I dont need a vial a week. But, a vial might not last an entire month. I figured 3 bottles might last me a couple of months, at least.

I got a backup set of R and NPH. I know that those 2 bottles will, for sure, last a month.

I think the country has more supplies than the cities right now. The cities are having a tough time.

Check the expiration dates on the vial or package. My vials expirations date go out to 2021. I am in a major city as well.