Are you allowed to have a different opinion

Has anyone had theory other than your body attacks beta cells thats not along the lines of you ate to many donuts.

I think the data and research into type 1 is pretty clear. You can get a blood test to see if your body is making insulin or not. There were many studies postmortem looking at pancreases of type 1 patients and low and behold no islet cells.
For type 2 it really could be doughnuts causing fat to gum up the works and cause insulin resistance.
I am 6’3. I was diagnosed at 149 lbs. and 21 years old. that’s really thin. It wasn’t carbs that did it. I was never a sweet lover even as a kid pre diabetes.
One of the warning signs for type 1 is a kid who is ectomorphic. Very thin and lanky. Can’t seem to gain weight. It seems to be in our genes. Immune system failure.
I don’t know. I would love to hear your doughnut theory though if it has some teeth.

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In a type 1, they have pretty much decided you have a gene or genes that make you susceptible to one or several viruses that cause your body to attack your beta cells.
There seems to be a genetic factor in that it is more common if you are of northern European descent, also it will be more likely if you have a relative that has had type 1.

In fact it’s more than just beta cells that are attacked in T1 diabetes. Amylin and glucagon regulation are all messed up too. And while there’s been lots of medical journal articles and trials and I think some T1’s here are taking synthetic amylin, it’s hard to find any medical textbook that gives the whole picture all in the same place.