Are you following any of these...?

This has been very popular on Facebook. it might give you a chuckle. l:grin:


No comment. :joy:

If you mean, am I white-lying about them? Then yes, most of them anyway. :wink:

I do #1 and #4.

Great picture. And wow was a lot of that very true when I was a youngster! And yes, I don’t do all of these but I never lie about it anymore. That helps no one. So should I change my site every 3 days? Sure but I do stretch it sometimes depending on how much insulin is left in the cartridge, maybe 3 1/2 or 4. Do I test 4 times a day? No longer!!! Yeah! But pull my phone or pump out often throughout the day. Ketones? Not much but I try not to get high enough to need to test for them. Gotta so much better with treating and waiting but man, back in the day I would sit in front of the refrigerator and eat until I felt better! So very, very glad I have grown up and moved on! But the picture did bring a big smile on my face! The lines I would use when seeing the doctor.

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All your answers apply to me as well—changing sites varies a bit based on how much insulin I’ve used, with the G6 I mostly test maybe once first thing in the am bc it’s so accurate but yup I check CGM all the time, etc. Most of all the fact that the whole list feels a bit retro in terms of the tools we have now.


I have to change my site every 3 days plus 8 hours, or else the Omnipod starts emitting a unpleasant shrieking noise!

And I mostly treat hypos with only about 4-6 carbs now, Thanks to a CGM, which tells me if I am successful easily. There are still those few times where I am not rising and I knew I had probably goofed on a guess and say scr^^^ it and eat too much, and then compensate too much and then …

I check my dogs ketones all the time!.

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I actually have to do most of that and more, no one to answer to except myself.

And I DID count those carbs EXACTLY!
No I did NOT GUESS how much insulin to take.
No, I did NOT enter “PHANTOM BOLUS” in my 670G when My BG went higher than expected because I counted my carbs EXACTLY. ,:)}

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