Art For Life

I’ve been Invited by the local Children’s Hospital to submit paintings to show in their hallways for one month during the next year. The last two years I have declined because I couldn’t grasp what subject I would present for such a show. Something hopeful…Something peaceful…Something beautiful. Nothing seemed to be right. Now I’ve received my invite this year, and I have something to say. I have been truly inspired and compelled by everyone’s stories and posts and now I am anxious to pick up my beloved brushes, smell the turpentine and Old Hollands and paint. Truly, it will be art for life…For me and hopefully to others as well. I will post them as I go, for I’m terrible at explaining, and I believe art carries a different meaning to each person that sees it.

Old Holland is great. I also love Senellier & Gamblin. Do you have any images of your paintings online? I’d love to see some. I did a series on diabetes a while ago… here’s one of the pics if you’re curious.