Artificial Pancreas Study

Hi all.. I'm a research participant in the DiAS product... its an LG Nexus phone running Android and talks Bluetooth to a Roche pump and Dexcom G4 CGM. I've completed one nite of the study (4 more to go). I'm posting updates on Twitter and Facebook (more extensive on FB). If you're interested in the progress of the study you can follow me on Facebook.

Look forward to seeing you there.


How exciting!

Congrats Steve! FWIW, I didn't see anything on your FB page. Can you relay a few more details here, please?

Mike... are you following me? Details are:

Nite 2: Artificial Pancreas project. Sugars are looking good. I turn on the AP shortly. Hoping for a better nite's sleep tonite. I feel like that is going to happen. I am learning so much from the others in the study.. a real blessing to be here. Sugars are looking good and tonite I'm taking a different approach to the evening meal. Lower fat overall. Chicken Fajitas, no tortillas and a salad. I've attached a diagram of how the system actually works and a pic of the AP.

Nite 2 recap: So for me... I was 160 when I went to bed and 140 when at 3AM. I've been having a recurring problem with rising BGs in the late evening early morning, where my sugars have been rising 100 points... definitely need a basal adjustment. But with the AP, sugars rose only 40 points. Its programmed to be conservative on treating Hyper and Hypoglycemia because they don't want to overtreat and drive a patient to Hypoglycemia. If the system were too aggressive and there were too many lows for instance, the FDA might reject.

So all in all, I'm tired and pleased with the progress to day

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Thanks! Looks pretty cool!