At diagnosis

were any of you put on just the long acting insulin?

Yes!!! I was placed on U lente the most long acting insulin at the time. I used it for over 5 years, then was placed on more injections each day and taken off of the longest acting form of insulin. R usually made me shock so i spent most of my life using L and U, with R as an emergency supplement.

I now use Humalog and no long acting insulin, as I use a pump now. I love the pump!!!

rick phillips

Hi Melissa,
I’ve only been diabetic for a little over a year and have always used Lantus as a base and novolog for carbs.

Yes, why do you ask? At diagnosis I was prescribed just Levemir to “rest my pancreas” plus, of course, a restricted diet (low carb & fat). Next, just Januvia plus, again of course, diet & exercise–because other diabetes treatment options are deemed better than insulin by my endo. After a month, I took myself off Januvia thanks to input from some members of the TuDiabetes community pointing to a cancer & pancreatitis/Januvia connection. I got by on just a low carb diet and exercise for a month. Next, to try to improve my fasting bs, I was prescribed metformin–500mg 2x day–in conjunction with diet & exercise. However, my A1c went up to 6.9; therefore, recently my metformin was increased to 1000mg 2x day. Again, MelissaM, why do you ask?

I had a conversation with someone who was type 1 and I didn’t know if people just start on the long acting or both short and long. I was diagnosed T1 at 4 so I really don’t remember what the dosages were or what I had. I just remember being on pork for a while then went on regular and then humalog and regular then humalog and humalin n then cut the humalin n and switched to lantus. I don’t know what the pork and regular were oh and I was on NPH.

I was diagnosed T1 within a few days in the hospital (immediate assumption was T2.) I was given NPH and R right out of the hospital. It was a rollercoaster until a week later when my Endo gave me Lantus and Novolog, and I had honeymoon symptoms =). Much better than NPH/R!

Yeah I remember NPH and R ugh never again. What category was pork? All I remember is that I took it for a while then switched to I guess NPH and R. It was so long ago that I really don’t remember. Does anyone know if it was a long acting or short?

I always have trouble with questions asking about “at diagnosis” because I have had two, my original (mis) diagnosis as Type 2 in 7/07 and my correct diagnosis as LADA/1.5 in April this year. I was started on Lantus only by my PCP in February because rising blood sugar made oral meds no longer effective. He still thought I was Type 2. He put me on too high a dose so I was having lows before meals and still being quite high post prandial. After a couple months of this roller coaster I figured out my correct diagnosis and started on basal/bolus which is what I needed.

Hi MelissaM,

I was diagnosed in the summer of '97 and was put on NPH and Regular for my basal and meals, respectively. I’ve since graduated/evolved/upgraded to pumping 100% Humalog, with a few deviations along the way.

Cheers, Mike

Type 1 & put on basal & rapid acting immediately.

type 1 41 years. I was diagnosed in 1968 at age 13 and took one shot of NPH everyday for 25 years, until I finally went to an endo, who then put me on an extra shot of Regular at dinner. I did not test blood sugars at all through my youth, as glucometers were the size of the ‘A’ World book encyclopedia , cost about $700, and insurance would not pay for them. At the time ( LATE SEVENTIES, EARLY '80’S), I guess they were considered unecessary. This was pre DCCT…So yes, I went years on one daily injection…blissfully ignorant of my blood sugars, but blessed to never ever get really sick from diabetes ( no DKA’s nor “pass out” hypos)…Started MDI in the mid to late 90’s… I have .been on a pump for 6 years ( Apidra)

To answer your question, MelissaM, the NPH was long-acting, with a big bomb PEAK about 6-8 hours after you took it, for me… I kind of had to make sure I had an afternoon snack ( I didn’t mind scarfing down more food, as I was very active)

God Bless,

Yes. I was diagnosed in 1969 and was put on a single dose of long acting (lente) per day. I carried on with this with increasing dosage over the years until 1985 when I got my first blood glucose machine, and went to see a diabetes specialist for the first time. I was then changed to 4 doses per day, one long acting (ultralente) and 3 short acting (regular).