Attn athletic diabetics! GREAT article in the nytimes today!

hi everyone!
just wanted to point you in the direction of a fantastic article in the nytimes today. it’s called “diabetic and determined,” and it’s in the fitness section. it points out different challenges that diabetic endurance athletes have to handle, and is definitely worth reading.
here’s the link:

I love that they have a photo of a very active-looking person testing his bloodsugar. This is what we do when we’re healthy, too.

awesome article, laura.

i loved it, loved it, loved it! even though i may not end up being a type 1, i currently live the lifestyle of a type 1 diabetic and i fully relate to this especially since my goal is to enter a half marathon next year (am recovering from a foot drop in my right leg and it’s still in the process of healing so it’s still a bit too weak). i really hope it inspires the rest of us to not let diabetes get in our way of participating in and enjoying all our favourite sports and exercise activities! :slight_smile:

hi daena,
that’s so funny that you mention a half marathon-- i am currently training for my first half! i am i think in week 4 of training. last weekend, i ran 6.5 miles, my longest run ever… and the best part was, my blood sugar stayed pretty stable throughout the run! my doctor gave me some great tips, and so far, they have been working. (knock on wood!)
best of luck with your healing leg and exercise regime… i agree that we can’t let this pesky thing get in our way, even if exercise does mean that we all have very sore fingers-- i test at least 15 times per day!


Thank for posting this one! While I was already aware of the RAAM team, I’d never before heard of Fitness4Diabetics - very very cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that link! I love reading positive news and headlines. It’s very inspirational, and I just started retraining for a full marathon (my first with diabetes), so that was a great boost.

Hey Laura,

And I thought that testing 11 times a day was a lot. That guy in the article tests 18 to 25 times a day? And you test 15 times a day? Way to go! Keep it up, because really, it is the only way us Type 1’s can keep our BS’s in close to normal level’s. Good for you. More people with Type 1 should do the same.


Thanks for the posting. I’m also training for a half-marathon after finishing my first marathon this spring. keeping by BGs stable during training was a struggle and my coach was not well informed on the subject. All he knew to do was to tell me to ‘keep testing’ and would ask me how I felt once in awhile.

I’m also glad to learn about Fitness4Diabetics. Definitely a resource to look into.