Back from vacation!

Having a toddler with D presents unique problems and stresses, so after 2+ years in that club we were in need of a break from reality. The Disney Cruise seemed like it would be a good fit for us. There would be plenty of kid-friendly entertainment and perhaps my husband and I would have a chance to leave Griffin (3) in children’s programming, knowing that if needed to they could page us and we could be there within 5 minutes. Griffin did not spend a huge amount of time in Children’s programming, but DH and I were able to sneak away for a couple’s massage one night. The Disney Cruise staff made evrything just a little bit easier. i came back feeling relaxed and refreshed. I wish we could go every year! Take a peek at our photos!

For the first time since Griffin was diagnosed, I felt like I got a little break from D.

Diabetes Alert Dog Update:

We’ll probably be getting our puppy around Christmas time! I’m so excited!