Bad insulin or is Omnipod the worst device ever?

I have never used the food library or the presets etc. It just adds on steps. And if you have anything in the presets it adds another step to just regular bolusing, and that was just annoying lol.


I understand where you’re going with this. Your body does learn over time when doing any repetitive task. I’ve seen it referred to as muscle memory and agree that it becomes an advantage.

This definitely did not apply to my Omnipod trial. Even though I ran onto many challenges adapting to the Omnipod, I persisted for five months. That would make the number of pods that I inserted during that time about 50. I wanted the Omnipod to work for me but poor performance forced me to give up.

Here’s my tale of woe from back in 2012, more precisely, Thanksgiving morning, 2012.

I see, “pod deactivations and occlusions.”

I feel like we are seeing a lot of posts about this stuff and I just don’t know what to tell people. Do you think this was tissue related? I, personally, see this occasionally with both Mt and Omnipod. I don’t know which occurred with more frequency because its pretty rare for me with both devices.

But, Omnipod sends such a reliable, audible alarm (for me), that its better for me when it does occur. Whereas, with MT, it would become a really tricky thing to troubleshoot and uncover. Maybe they have improved that. Its been a long time since I was on MT and this year they DID try to address infusion set problems at the Diabetes Technology Society meeting (which is commendable).