Bad Skin

Hi, My name is Kendra and I use the OmniPod insulin Pump. I have always had skin problems, even when I didn’t have diabetes. Now, the OmniPod has made my skin worse than ever. I don’t blame the company, becuase I’m alergic to medical tape in general, but since the POD is so big, it makes the area look worse. I’m afraid to wear shorts or t-shirts in the summer because of my skin. I have tried several products to help, but the only thing left is a scar. I don’t know what my question is, but I guess I’ll just say “Have any of you have POD problems with skin?”

Hi Kendra,

There was a discussion about this topic earlier that you might want to check out. It seems that some people have found some things that work, but others ended up switching pumps because of the problems.

Hope this helps.