Band Practice With OmniPod

Okay, school starts in about a week, and i’m starting to try and get everything together for it. I was thinking about something in particular though: Band Practice

My school's band practices from 3PM to 5PM outside, in the 100+ heat. Considering my insulin is only rated for 88F, that could be a bit of a problem... i'm trying to think of ways that i can keep the Pod cool, but not have a giant icepack wrapped around my arm.

Does anyone have any ideas? Because i can't think of anything that would be small enough to fit under my shirt, yet keep the pod cold.

Hi Stephen,
My wife and I just got back from Italy and a cruise last week. It was between 95 and 108 everyday. I use Apidra insulin in my Pod. I know they recommend a lower temp than that but if I had a problem I would have changed the pods more often. I brought about 50% more than I expected to use as backups. I did not have any issues with the heat. We were outside most of every day. What type of insulin do you use?

Good question, I don’t know though. I might be working in a hot kitchen at my new job. Make sure pump isn’t in the sun, maybe pour cold water on it or keep a cooler with wash cloth and ice for breaksand just soak outside.

I’m on Novolog. It says on the vial to store it below 88F… does that mean that it ALWAYS needs to be below 88? Or will it be okay at these temps for a 2 hours one day? (As i’d never have the same pod on for two band practices)

I think that the insulin might be OK as well, but you could try the FRIO wrist band or head band wrapped around you:
click here

My doc said Im good to be outside in the heat for extended periods of time as long as my pod is not in direct sunlight, so under pants or shirt. Obviously, if you get strange numbers after try switching the insulin. I haven’t had an issue so far :slight_smile:

I don’t thing your going to have a problem with the temps and band practice. Just watch your numbers and monitor closely.

But, a note from a ex band parent. STAY HYDRATED!!! De hydration does not help with your numbers.

We haven’t worried about the temp. Who said it was rated for 88F?? Your body heats it to 90 something doesn’t it? I was told that you didn’t have to worry about the temp. It makes sense to worry though. Let me know what you find out. My son has been out in over 100 this summer and seems fine.

It says on the vial to not store it above 88F, otherwise the life of the insulin could be reduced. I’m not sure by how much, just trying to play it safe and make sure everything is okay.

Thanks! We have like 3 different Britta water filters, so i’ll probably just refill a few water bottles off of them each day. I can’t drink much of the tap water here. It makes me sick to my stomach :confused:

It will be OK for short periods of time in higher heat. I think it starts to break down when it is exposed to prolonged exposure to hot temps.

Stephen - I think you will be ok with the pod and band practice from 3PM to 5PM. I wear the Omnipod also and help my hubby mow our lawn. It takes both of us about 4-4-1/2 hours to finish the job as we have slightly over one acre. I’ve had situations where my pod was fine for that length of time and also situations where the insulin seemed to be affected slightly. About the only way you can tell is to test your BG often.

Also as a former band parent you need to drink lots of fluids and hopefully your band director will understand that. Both of my boys were in band, one was a bass drum player, the other a saxophone player. Their band uniforms were wool (which was horrible in hot weather and much appreciated during football season). Take good care of yourself.