Basal level almost flat. Can this be right?

Advice and thoughts please…

I started with Insulin (Novorapid) in my pump last Wednesday and on Friday night started doing my fasting tests to see what happened to my BG while on a background Basal set at 0.375 unit/hour, as recommended by my Diabetes team from my previous MDI recordings.

So far I have done 2 night time, 3 morning and 1 afternoon test but the results have surprised me. Basically on 0.375units/hour my BG level never goes up or down my more than 1mmol. So it appears, from the results I have so far, that I will only need one Basal rate of 0.375. I know it’s early days yet and I have a lot more testing to do but does this sound right, I expected my BG and therefore my Basal rate to fluctuate up and down during a 24 hour period.

It all depends, I am using the pod. When I started I was on .80 units per hour which was way high I am currently on .65 u/hr throughout the whole day. Everyone is different and their ratios may change several times a day when others only need a single rate.

Oh, it will all depend on you. I started pumping three months ago. I was at .8 units an hour all day long. At about six or seven weeks that changed. I now have about four different basal rates. The big changes were the ones when I was sleeping. BG was too high and had to higher the basal at certain times during the night.

Everyone’s basal needs are different. You have nothing to be concerned about just because yours don’t fluctuate. There is no rule for basals.

Things may be different in a year.

Don’t you love it?


I just found this discussion as I have been tweaking my basal rates recently. And basically I am tweaking towards a single rate.

Now my rates vary from 0.4 - 0.6 …

It makes me think that I am one of those that could get just as good control on MDI as on the pump. I might try switching back to MDI and see. While I like some features of the pump, it’s possible that the pump provides the most assistance to those with very variable basal rates throughout the day.