Basal rates?

I'm new on the OMNI system. After working with the OMNI rep and my endo's office we set the basal rates for me at 1.25

My last lantus dose was last night Sunday at 9pm. Last night I went really low and then high from the correction). I've been stable since this morning and the numbers in the low 100's/90's. Lunch time I was 97, ate 60g of carb's and dosed for it accordingly. 3 hours later I was at 65 and dropping. I'm on a G4 CGM and even though I wasn't dropping quickly I was going down a point every 5 minutes or so. I did a temp basal -15% for an hour and went back up to 72. It stayed there for about 10 minutes and went back down to 55. 6 more oz of OJ, and 20 minutes later I was still at 55. 6 more of OJ now and I suspended my pump for 30 minutes. I'm wondering when it starts, should I lower my basal again? or keep on with the 1.25

I sent messages to both my endo and pump rep but haven't heard back. Input would be appreciated. :D

In the first three days on Omni I reduced insulin use by 20% over the initial reduction. Keep calling the endo, this is an URGENT question that deserves an answer NOW! Over the first month I reduced insulin use by nearly 50% pumping, that’s not common, but my body LOVES pumping, it runs more efficiently and without nasty highs and lows from MDI I got more active ect. You need advice on what to do about the drops. KEEP CALLING!

You make no mention of your morning BG. If that was/is within prescribed range, then it might well be your I:c ratio that’s off and not the basal rate. Mine is 1:7. My granddaughter’s 1:20. If she tried to use mine, she’d crash!! “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh should be a must read. Good luck. You’ll probably have some tweaks until everything is fairly stable.

I used 35U. of Levemir…now total basal averages 28U. You’re right about using less insulin. That was one of first, if not the first question that I asked here.

Thanks, my I:C is at 8 and seems to work well covering the food. It's usually 3 or so hours later, when the food has digested that I start seeing lows. We lowered my basal to .90 for right now to see how that does. Thanks for the input all!

I have the same experience : started with insulin at 80% compared to MDI and now some three months later I am at +/- 50%. I also noticed you have a constant basal rate. One of the advantages of the pump is to adjust your basal rate during the day, I for one have 4 different levels.

Has your endo or anyone else suggested basal testing? It's very unlikely that you need the same basal rate for 24 hours - and if you do some testing you can figure that out. I know there is a good explanation in Gary Scheiner's "Think like a Pancreas," but I'm also pretty sure you can find how to do it online. My son's basal at night is .8 but in the middle of the day it's only .35.