Basal Rates

Has anyone noticed that they needed to change their basal rates after switching to Apidra? And if so, can you say which way?

I am cross posting this question in different groups.

I have same question, my daughter just changed to apidra, she loves how much faster it acts, and her blood sugars have overall been better, but she is having trouble with hypo's during exercise now, we have turned basal WAY down and left her 180 before dance, and she's now going to 50's by the end of a one hour class.

her insulin action time is down to 3 hours from 3 and a half.

I have been running lower temp basals for her overnights to keep her from dropping too low, first night I thought was just from exercise, but it's been three straight nights now.

Total daily insulin now is reduced by about 5 % overall, from 21 to 18.5 or so...

call into our endo today for review, but would appreciate everyone else's insights on the switch!

I just recently switched to Apidra from Novolog. I had to increase all of my basal rates. Apidra does not affect me like Novolog. I have not had as many lows on Apidra as I did on novolog. Overall I am pretty happy with my results.