Basal Testing Instructions for MDI

Can someone point me to where those are? I thought they were posted in a discussion recently but I can find them now. I need to do this for mdi, not for a pump- other online directions seem to be for people on pumps only, the ones I can find at least.

This is an excellent article from another place:

Thanks Karen, I will read this. I found these instructions also below. I did a not totally planned basal test which ended up with 24 hour fast and only drinking water after my last meal but I didn't realize we weren't supposed to correct and I corrected twice for high bg as well as taking a 2 mile walk which finally lowered me.

I will have to try again and starting at a normal bg range also. I'm not sure if it told me anything yet really except what I already know: that I spike when my basal runs out and from dp also. I'm not sure if I will do that long a fast again since with the higher bg I was a bit out of it, but maybe if I start in the low 100 range it will be ok. Other than that the worst I had was some periodic nausea which went away after a few minutes each time.

You're welcome. There is also this: if you don't want to get a book.

I do hope your unplanned test brings you no worrisome results on the procedure and now you can just manage your diabetes. I would start with the night test for your situation and knowing that dp is on your plate. Good luck and you can do it, meee

Thanks! I certainly have my reading cut out for me. I actually have some of the books but I can't find them now and I never read them completely as I was dealing with lots of other things and I found them all a bit overwhelming. I prefer simple and to the point instructions in a list, lol. I may try the night time test tomorrow. As it is I have been rapidly reducing my larger basal dose. Doing physical activity all night and eating an early breakfast/brunch seems to sometimes help control dp for me.