BBC documentary on T1D and eating disorders (diabulimia)

BBC III has aired a documentary about T1D and eating disorders. Because the iPlayer from the BBC is only available in the UK, I figured I couldn’t watch it, but you can!
It’s embedded in this newsarticle:

It’s hard to watch for me, because it brings back a lot of memories. I’m glad that the BBC is putting a spotlight on this, because when I first was diagnosed as having an eating disorder, nobody made the relationship between my T1D and this eating disorder. And because I wasn’t binging and purging or limiting the amount of calories I would take, I thought that my eating disorder was just a case of “eating too much” and didn’t really take myself seriously and neither did the mental health care professionals.

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This information was included in our initial diabetes education classes even though our T1 was some years away from the age range to be most at risk for this.

@anon92548039 - It is great you are providing the link for additional information. Based on hearing from others, it sounds that most Endocrinologists do not convey this as a critical issue to be on the watch for.

I read an article about this quite a while back, and my first thought was what a terrible temptation for a weight-obsessed young T1, especially since taking exogenous insulin can cause you to put on weight, or at the least makes it harder to take off. How easy to solve the problem by just not taking it. Instant weight-off!

“The one thing that not taking your insulin does, is you lose weight - you have an ideal tool,” explains Lesley.

I have the BBC IPlayer on my IPhone 7, in Memphis, TN. I found two articles about diabulemua. Cheers.

I developed an eating disorder about 30 years ago. Fortunately, nowadays most physicians know that people with T1D have a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

Does your BBC Iplayer broadcast all BBC channels, like BBC one, BBC two, III and four? Or only BBC America?

I can receive radio 1, radio 1 vintage, radio 2, radio 3, radio 4, radio 4 extra, radio 5, radio 6, Asian Network, Wotld Service, Radio Scotland, Mar Radio Alba, Radio Ulster, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, and one option to choose from among local UK radio stations. It is just an app in the app store, but I love it.

Ahhh, no I meant all the BBC television channels! :grin:

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My app is BBC “Player Radio”. It plays radio channels, not television channels.

When I am home, our cable TV plays both BBC America and BBC UK. I also have on my Iphone the BBC news app, which covers the UK and the rest of the world.

I also read ABC España and El Pais for Spanish news, le Figaro pour le français, and 中国新闻网 to bone up my Chinese. I also have an AP News app for American news. I listen to radio channels in Costa Rica in Spanish. I have the Deutsche Welle news app, but my German sucks.

Suffice it to say. I am retired and I am a newshound…

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