Be Featured in Beyond Type 2's #BeyondPowerful Instagram Campaign!

Hi Everyone!

My name is T’ara Smith and I’m the Project Manager for the new program, Beyond Type 2! I hope you all have had an opportunity to browse the website and consider it as your home to find resources on T2D management, including issues such as mental health. We’re excited to have a platform for people who live with Type 2 diabetes!

To kick off the website and grow our community, we’re running a campaign called #BeyondPowerful, where we ask people with T2D to share their stories on how they live powerfully with it.

We’d like to feature as many voices and faces as possible to share our unique experiences with diabetes and empower others who may be hesitant to share theirs. Your voice matters and I truly believe we can inspire each other.

You can submit your story here – Beyond Powerful Submissions

Read some of the submissions on our Instagram page, including mine, which is the first photo – Beyond Type 2 Instagram

If you want to get to know me and my experience with living with Type 2 diabetes and the issues I think face our community, read my interview on the Beyond Type 2 website under Stories>Type 2 Stories section.

It’s nice meeting all of you! I look forward to reading your stories and chatting with you in the Type 2 forums! Also, as you view the website, feel free to shoot me ideas on what you’d like to see on the Beyond Type 2 site at hello@beyondtype2 dot org. :smile:


T’ara Smith