(BEFORE CRISIS countdowns),How did you know you had Diabetes?

hey everyone,just wanted to bring up this topic because my fist diabetes anniversary is really soon,which reminded me of how I was diagnosed.

(4 months before crisis)
we were on vacation,and we went to a theme park!


(this is one of a kind ride,so beautiful,definitely breathtaking,OBLIVION)
what was weird,I was downing water like an elephant,poor me(not really),but a small tiny bottle of water is 2.00 pounds worth,we had no cash,so we have to save,which sucked!

(3 moths before crisis)


,I still remember this,before sleeping,I go to the kitchen,bring a big jug of water,put it on my side,wake up in the middle of the night 3 TIMES to refill!
and 3 times to the toilet!

(2months before crisis)

school started,I drank three bottles of water which didn’t satisfy me a bit!
2-3 visits a day to the bathroom.
jokes were made:(not again!\you just came out\is this for real?!).

(1,5 months beforehand)

I went to Tae kown do classes for the first time.
now,this is a good part,DON’T SKIP’
I loved martial arts ,so it was a great motive that was pushing me to do it.
but it was absolutely OVERWHELMING!my state then cannot be fairly describes no matter what I say,for starts,I cry when I come out.here is how it goes"
1-have lunch 1 hour before going
2-go to class which takes 1 hour.
3-get out and eat a main meal!
my body shakes hard every time I finished.I can’t speak properly,I can’t walk,I couldn’t balance myself for 10 seconds! I swear,and that was for warming up!

I am between 167,5–>168 cm ,usually,I am 52 killos,I always wanted to be in the forties,one of my friends said"(THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN,YOU’RE TALL).
I was 49,5 !with my heavy clothes on!

(3 weeks before)

my english teacher really loved me,she was such a nice person,she always asked me what was wrong all the time,so did my friends,go check up,see a doctor,are you okay,the jokes began to minimize.
my skin which is usually dry got drier,my knuckles bleed everytime I wash it.

(2 weeks)

I slept during ALL of the classes,I couldn’t think straight,I thought that I need to eat MORE,which is really ironic,I searched for food that are high in calories!,and the next class after the break I am deadly hungry!
the classes were over,and I barely walked,it was such a sad scene,one of my best friends saw that I had trouble carrying my bag!she carries it for me and asks,what’s wrong with you,go to a doctor…
I sat and said( honestly,I don’t know).

(1 week)

good part too,it was WORLD DIABETES DAY,I know the symptomes,but never made the connection,I was reading the newspaper and here is an article talking about it,my face went pale,all of th 7 were there!

wedenesday"told my friends,her sister had diabetes,she said don’t worry and all,I knew there was something wrong,she said do you want to have it,I said no,she said"then you don’t!,then she promised to bring her sister’s meter.

saturday"went to a hospital,and got blood drawn.

sunday"every time she brought it I came up with an excuse,then I decided not to eat that day ,drink water, exercise and face it already,she did it and it was 550!.
she was like"cheer up,at least we found out before the hospital :smiley:

the crisis"
monday"didn’t go to school,the results were due today,went to the endo,he said so and so"you have high ketones,you must be T1D,you’re gonna have shots from now and then,now let me speak with your parents.’’
I went to the waiting room and was like’HUH?!
then red a newspaper so calmly that it was kind of creepy,saw an add about meters and was like"hey!I am diabetic,I want that!
the endo told the nurse to instruct me how to get shots and all,then said wait,the endo told us to give you a shot now,I was like,sure,I am gonna have it,like tomorrow I will start,she said no,and gave me a regular injection,boy I wa so scared back then!
what a memoir !kind of bitter-sweet,sweet because,didn’t know how hard D was back then,I was like,2 novorapid shots a day!my BS was always high,with no basal,no education since it wasn’t a diabetes center,a general hospital only,then I was hospitalized and became a diabetic officially :slight_smile:
really sorry for the long talk,
just got carried on,so what’s your count down?and what was your A1c when you were diagnosed,mine was 15.

I didn’t know or keep tabs on how I felt.Until I read up on the side effects of a medication I’m on.The side effects were fatigue,change in moods,loss of appetite,just to name a few.I got tired of feeling like this so I went to see my doctor and explained that the medication may need to be changed.So,she ran a full run of blood work.She called a couple days later and asked me to come in.The first thing she said was you’re a diabetic.The thought of having diabetes never crossed my mind knowing a few immediate family members have it.My blood sugar level was 312 and my A1C was 12.9.I was in a state of shock then the crying.I just couldn’t believe what I had heard.I watched my mother suffer with this disease.After A while,I thought,I can’t let my own children see the complications I saw my mother had.So far I haven’t had any major issues.

I’m a teacher so I was off work last summer. Felt fine in May, o.k. in June, not as peppy in July, then August so tired, drinking and going to BR all day and night, I would feel this rush of heat go through my body but I live in Carmichael, CA and it’s very Hot!! So I thought I just couldn’t handle the heat anymore. Also my left foot would go numb. Thought that was strange. Went back to work in September and people told me “wow, great diet. You must have lost a ton of weight.” Weighed myself and had lost 30 lbs. Got scared and bought ketostix which should large amts of ketones. Then bought a meter and it was 357 fasting. So ran to the doctor, who did all kinds of labs. Said you don’t seem like a Type 2 but you aren’t young so here’s some Metformin. Didn’t work, so put on Insulin 2 days later. Ran more lab and said oh you ARE a Type1, been on Lantus and Humalog ever since!!

The way I look at it I had TWO diabetes diagnoses and basically I diagnosed myself both times. First one, July 2007. The usual peeing all the time and thirsty all the time. I was also losing weight without eating less and at my age that just doesn’t happen! I knew what the first two things were a symptom of but didn’t know about weight loss so I looked it up and when I saw weight loss could be a symptom I called my doctor and requested a blood sugar test. When it came back 325 and they said you have diabetes, I just said, “yeah, I figured as much.” They didn’t make a big deal about type, but as I was 58 just assumed it was Type 2 as did I. I did some reading and figured at least ten years before I needed to worry about insulin and would probably die of old age before complications. No biggie.

Fast forward about a year during which time I maintained my blood sugars fine on oral meds and didn’t change my eating which was pretty high carb because I’m vegetarian, but I hadn’t eaten sugar for 13 years due to an eating disorder and thought I ate pretty healthy so I wasn’t concerned. But I noticed my numbers had started creeping up, slow but steady. By December 2008 the were hitting the level of before my diagnosis despite several med changes/additions and I knew I needed to go on insulin, just didn’t know why it was happening so soon. After a couple disasterous attempts by my Third World doctor to find the right dose of insulin I realized something was making no sense at all. I started to frantically research and then figured it out: I’m not Type 2, I’m LADA/1.5. By the time I saw a (Third World) endo who didn’t know about or didn’t acknowledge LADA (not that all first world endos do!), but confirmed me as Type 1, I was again like, “yeah I know”. Pretty undramatic.

I remember drinking tons of water constantly, and always being in the bathroom. I only had symptoms for about 3 weeks before I was up all night drinking and in the bathroom, and I went to an internist the next morning and was diagnosed with a blood sugar of 477. This was in 1996. Since then, I’ve had 3 children who are all healthy and so far, knock wood, I’m still healthy. The summer before I was diagnosed was no different than any other summer.

I started to feel like crap last December and went to my doctor who did labs and said that she thought I was coming down with a cold and that it would be over soon. A few days later, and not any better, she called me in and said that my labs “looked funny” I asked what does that mean and she said that she wanted to run some more tests as she was thinking that I had something more serious than a cold. All of the tests came back okay, but she said that my sugar was a little high and that with my family history that it could be something that we need to keep an eye on. (I later found out that my sugar wasn’t a little high but was over 200!)

Over the next few months I began to feel worse and worse, missing days and weeks of school. I went to my doctor time and time again and nothing was coming of it. Just more antibiotics and cold medicines. Then she had a breakthrough, she discovered that I was low on vitamin D. Being from Florida, thought this was a little sketchy, but it temporarily made me feel better.

In June, the week before finals, I got horribly sick. I kept throwing up, couldn’t keep anything down, and could barely breathe. I was taken to the hospital by my sister in law and was told that I’ve got a cold and I’m having an asthma excerbation (sp?) and that they were going to give me a breathing treatment, a shot of steroids, and send me on my way without doing any labs or anything. I was so sick that I did what they told me and just figured, I’d probably crawl up and just die just to end this. I was released and with in three hours, I’m laying on my bed and I remember my cell going off and it being my sister in law, checking up on me, but I just laid there and i couldn’t move my arms much less even formulate words. She came to my house when I didn’t answer and found me just about passed out, calls an ambulance and I’m taken back to the hospital. I get there and the medic had no idea what was wrong just basically wanted to keep me from passing out. The ER doc comes in and says to me that he’s not leaving the room until he figures out what’s wrong. My labs were drawn and the nurse rushes in when they were ready and is just about freaking out. Come to find out my sugar was 972 and then the doc says to me- you didn’t tell us you had diabetes. My SIL told him I don’t and he said well she does now! I was in DKA and just about in a coma. I got to spend five glorious days in ICU (yay) and then four days on a regular floor. I have to say by the fourth or fifth day of being there, I was feeling like a whole new person. I hate having diabetes, but I’m grateful for the advances that we have today.


Same stuff. Tried, dehydrated, blurry vision, etc… One little thing makes me different than most. Let’s see 8/5/08, in ICU, DKA and oh yea, 52 years old, weird huh??

I hope you don’t go to that doctor anymore. She almost killed you.

Around Thanksgiving last year I got sick with the flu and never really felt the same since. I still felt sick and tired all of the time. My boyfriend and mom thought I was exaggerating about me being sick. I even started to believe it. Around December my stomach felt sicker. I was always short of breath. I lived on the second floor of my apartment and remember bringing groceries in… just going up the stairs really wore me out and I had a hard time breathing. During December and January I was drinking sooo much. Would get up multiple times a night to drink water, juice, milk. Just guzzling it down. I was also going to the bathroom a lot.
In January, I was at my boyfriends parents. I was complaining of being sick and when I went to the bathroom, I heard her ask Craig “You sure she isn’t pregnant?” I started thinking so too. I was taking birth control and everything, but still you never know. So I took a test. She had even asked me and I told her I was sure I wasn’t pregnant. A couple days after that, I woke up in the morning to go use the restroom. On my way in I was running into walls and almost fell when I sat down. I knew something was wrong.
So the morning of January 22, my boyfriend took me to the ER. They did blood work and said my bg was over 1100 and had DKA. So… that is my grand story of how I found out.

I noticed in Sept.05 I was getting up at night about 3-4x for bathroom and tired lots. Drinking lots of water to. October,31,05 my family went to a hotel and I started to not feel good after supper, kinda dizzy and upset stomach. I drank all water from drink machines on 3 floors and had started on the 4th floor machine before bed. I took 3 bottles to bed with me.I was so sick that night but I didn’t tell because the last thing I wanted was to go to the ER on halloween night! I remember being scared and still didn’t tell anyone. My sister who is diabetic also came home 2 weeks later and when I came home the family was testing there sugars and they said it was my turn. I put up abit of a fight and lost. My test was 15.6 . I went to the Dr. 2 weeks later and on Dec.05.05 I was told I had diabetes and it looked like type 1. My glucose test was 25.6. I was to have a shot a.s.a.p but was so terrified the Dr. said I could have a day to let it all sink in. The diabetes educator was to give it to me the next day in the am but I broke down and she didn’t know what to do so she said 1 more day to let everything sink in once again.Then the 3rd day my neighbor who is a nurse came and gave me my shot.I am TERRIFIED of needles!! I was 26 and my mom had to hold me down. I got it and boy did I feel good the rest of the day. I didn’t give myself shots for 2 1/2 months. I needed them 2x aday. That was 4 years ago. I got off my insulin this last summer and think if I am told to go back on them I will be crushed. I don’t know what my A1c is. Never thoght to ask.Maybe I will next time I see my Dr. I am still a mystery to my Dr.s as to what type I am but they say it is looking llike type 2.

haha,funny :slight_smile:
I know how type1 is worse and all,but I think type 2 really sucks because of its unstable state.
what goes under that,is t1s diagnosed lately,or LADA in another way :slight_smile:

oh god,you really need to watch over yourself :frowning:
hope that you get it right.
I know that if a T1D had a bad case of needle phobia,they use another way to deliver insulin such as Jet air pen,hope it helps