Bernstein in India?

Hello all, since being diagnosed Type1 last December at age 40 I’ve been Bernsteining it aside from the odd blip. I’ve also got heavily into yoga and am planning a trip to India to concentrate on that for 3 months. I go in January and am just starting to think about the practicalities of my first big trip with D as my companion. What concerns me the most is the traditional Indian diet and how to low-carb around it. I was in India for a year about 10 years ago and my diet was heavy on the rice and lentils, things I avoid now. Are there any Indian members out there who could offer me any advive, or perhaps someone who has been and successfully low-carbed there. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Rachel xx

My SIL is Indian, and his father is diabetic. In spite of a cardiologist in the family, as well as a surgeon, his arteries are a mess needing something like 7 veins replaced. We are sure that he does nothing to help his diet. I can’t even eat at my dd’s house because in spite of my SIL’s latest A1c of 5.9, he cooks everything with tomatoes, raisons, coconut milk, cashews and serves it on rice. The statistics of diabetes in India were alarming, but I don’t remember where I saw this. He thinks I’m nuts for doing Bernstein. He’s going to die happy. Sorry, I have no good solutions. I’ll ask my dd because she understands Bernstein.

Thanks Sheila, any help would be great. At the moment my plan is just to get there and wing it but any advance advice would be appreciated. Kind regards, Rachel


Have you looked into Dr. Rosedale's diet? He is working in India now I believe and his whole focus is on a higher fat, moderate protein and low carb way of deating for diabetics. He has written a paper ( i haven't read this one)
"Rosedale in The Times of India.
India is leading the world in Diabetes, Dr. Rosedale has spent a great deal of time in India over the last 5 years. He has helped set up health retreats in southern India, and spoke with many strong leaders of India about the need and the ability to change the countries health crisis, and be model for the rest of the world." and go to his site -
but I have read the following article and it is magnificent! I am attempting to figure out the percentages right now so I am still working it out - high in good fats fat (India has a lot of ghee), and this is the title for your download:

"Diabetes is NOT a disease of blood sugar
As I have stated previously, and one concept that I would like to make wellknown to save thousands and perhaps millions of lives as soon as possible, is that diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, but a disease of insulin and perhaps more importantly leptin signaling, and until that concept becomes well-known in the medical community, articles like the one published in this issue will fortunately continue to be published revealing the inadequacy of current conventional medical treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and the falsity of their advice about nutrition."

You might want to check out his site - his working in India and his suggestion for yoga as a relaxer tells me he may have a few insights into your questions. I also took yoga briefly - and was amazed at the breathing and aeration. Awesome stuff!