Best laid plans


Ok, I know, I know, as much as we plan diabetes rears its ugly head and messes everything up.
Here is how I wanted it to go.
I have a few boxes of G4 sensors and a brand new G4 receiver and transmitter. The receiver and transmitter have been sitting in the hall closet just collecting dust but was my back up if needed.
I got a new G6 set up at the beginning of November. I ordered it when my G4 went out of warranty and was hoping for a new Tandem X2. So I am sitting on the G6 product to hopefully get somewhat of a stock pile before I start using it.
Well this past week my very old receiver and transmitter died. Perfect timing right?! So I had to pull out the back up receiver and transmitter and fired it up. It was gut wrenching because I am a hoarder! I always want a back up.
So Friday I got confirmation that my Tandem X2 is on it’s way. 3 to 5 business days. Very excited and can’t wait but wonder if I should continue with my old G4 until they are gone or just fire up the new system as soon as I get it. And if I do, than what do I do with the old sensors, receiver and transmitter in use? Such problems, right?
So yesterday, while I was out shopping, the button on my old Tandem stopped working. Called Tandem and asked for a call back. While I waited, I did plug it in and the screen came on. So I did a bolus after I disconnected and it was working. So thank goodness I didn’t have to do injections of Novolg throughout the night. Now, I have a brand new pump coming but it could be up to 5 days. So when I finally got a call back and we did all the things I had already done, she told me because my pump is under wary until the 30th, they will send me a replacement. So she said 24-36 hours and I kinda laughed because the headquarters is just down the freeway. So I should have it in a few hours. But I just felt like all the planning to try and get everything to line up went out the door. As usual when dealing with diabetes.
So I now need to find someone who might want some sensors, a receiver and a already started transmitter. I am thinking the family clinic in town might have somehow go could use it. Or ask any of the doctors I work with if they know of a clinic that might want it.
But hopefully my next plan will go better than this one. But as always, diabetes doesn’t always play fair. And I am very thankful I have access to all this equipment! And not to rub it in, but I did get my pump set up and 3 more months of sensors for wait for it, FREE! The joys of it being the end of the year! My last Tandem was $20 at the end of the year.


That is wonderful to give to someone. Check some of the post of where you may be able to send it. Thanks for thinking of others.