Best Site for Omnipod?

Hello everyone, I’m new to the Omnipod, but was wondering what are the best sites that have worked for you particularly for those who are active? I’m a competitive ballroom dancer so partner dancing and body movements with the Pod are something I’ve been wondering about. Any opinions?

I have trouble sleeping when I wear it on my stomach, so I’ve been trying it on my arm. I sleep better, but when it’s summertime and I want to wear short-sleeved shirts I will probably switch back to stomach area. I dunno, anywhere I put it , I stilll feel like a Cyborg!!!

My favorite spot is on my back, right above the waistband of my pants, probably 2/3 of the way out towards my side from my spine. When I get it there right then I don’t notice it at all! For partner dancing, however, this may be difficult. I’ve also found my arms, the very back of them, right below the armpit can be great it I place it right. My final great place for high activity activities is my lower stomach, below the waistband of my pants. I hope you find something that works really well for you!

Back of the arms is my favorite.When I sleep on my sides it sometimes feels awkward, but not painful.

Thank you everyone for your input - this helps alot! :slight_smile:

My favorite spots are small of my back and top of my butt. Seems like the latter would work for partnered dancing.

I use my upper arm as I find it to be the least obtrusive. I’ve figured out that there are about six 1" squares on each arm meaning that I have a total of 12 locations there. This allows for site rotation so that the same site is only used once every 36 days. As you can tell, everyone has their favorite spot so you should try them all to see what works for you. Good luck.

My son is very active in multiple sports, and he only wears them on his arms. It has worked very well for him and he often forgets which arm it’s on - I take that as a good sign!

Thanks everyone! I’m trying out several sites the next few weeks and let you know how it goes! I appreciate all of your support and answers!!!

I tried my arm once and didn’t like it; I bruised badly. I might have picked the wrong spot though. Now I use my abdomen exclusively. The one issue I had was once or twice I placed the pod too high, and it would push against the bottom of my rib cage. That was extremely uncomfortable when I laid on my stomach.

After watching all the dancing reality shows, I can’t imagine where you could put a pod that your partner would not need to hold you. Good luck finding the perfect spot!


I like to put it on my lower abdomen. If your partner is touching you in that area, I want to know what kind of dance you are doing!