Bet you didnt imagine eating these for Thanksgiving!

The Huffington Post dug up the Twinkie Cookbook, which suggests you stuff your bird with a mixture of Twinkie cakes combined with Hostess corn muffin mix to create the "Twinkling Turkey." If you're wondering what happens to that creamy filling when it's baked inside poultry, the recipe actually calls for reserving the cream filling and instead using it as a glaze to sweeten the outer skin.
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This got us wondering what other junk food could be transformed into Thanksgiving stuffing. Here's a few wacky ideas from around the web:
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1. Turdunkin'

This Dunkin’ Donuts lover’s dream comes to us from the blog, Unwholesome Foods. In their experiment they brined their bird in Dunkin’ Coolattas and stuffed it with…50 pieces of assorted Munchins!
2. White Castle Stuffing
The folks at White Castle don’t want to be forgotten this Thanksgiving. They suggest you take those sliders without the buns and mix them up with some chicken stock, celery, and seasonings like thyme and sage to make a memorable and meaty filling.
3. Stovetop Fluffing<p>The Rice Krispy Treat recipe is amended to create this sweet “Fluffing.”


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