BG highs and Ketones

Hi I am pretty new to diabetes was diagnosed Nov.2007,I’m not on any meds just diet and exercise,but I have had afew high readings over 200,and don’t know what to do when it goes that high and I don’t understand what ketones are or if I should be checking them,thanks for any help.


If you’re type 2 you probably don’t need to worry about ketones just yet (not until you’ve been diagnosed for a while or had to start on insulin) because ketones occur when there is an insulin deficiency in the body, and you should have enough insulin. When you go high you should probably try to eat a little lower carb than usual, and do some extra exercise (fun (:). For me, as a type 1, I usually don’t check my ketones unless I’m in the 300s/400s. Hope this helps!

Thanks Emma that did help me with my question :slight_smile: