BG in the stratosphere

Glad you’e better! No one could possibly understand the frustration we deal with.

Good work, Stephen! I can’t tell you how much I admire you for dealing so well with this at your age. I can’t even imagine having dealt with diabetes all my life like you have. When I was 16 I could barely keep myself alive let alone deal with a complex condition like type 1 diabetes. Keep up the good work!

It’s surprisingly the breakfast meal. 2 pieces of whole wheat bread (32g of carbs) and 2 scrambled eggs. Once in awhile I’ll be at 180 after that meal. Other times the highest I am with the same meal at the same time with the same insulin ratio is 120 2 hours later. Its strange.

Ha sounds like my dinner last night except I had broccoli instead of brussell sprouts and I was 120 at 1 hour and 115 at 2 hours so all and all it was a successful meal.


It’s hard to dose in the honeymoon phase because your pancreas sends out occasional insulin.

This method is pretty interesting Alan. Do you ever test right before the meal? Id be curious to know where your at 1/2 hour after the meal bolus.

My method right now is pretty standard with the pump. I bolus 10min before the meal, do a dual for the carbs / protein usually over 2.5-3 hours. For now that keeps me at about 100-120 postprandial.

@Alan - Thanks. I was curious to see what you were right before dinner. Do you dip low at all?

Im a low carb eater as well, but find that I have to bolus for protein these days too. So thats the reasoning for the square part of the dual bolus. The Dexcom has helped a lot with tracking / correcting for this.

Hi, if you still have to keep your increased basal rate - with no sore throat etc, it might be due to seasonal changes i.e. some of us have to increase, - or as for me, decrease - our basal rates (and I:C ratio) when the season/weather changes. For me this happens spring and fall. I tried to start a thread about it a little while ago, take a look at Seasonal Changes.