Unexpected High BGs

This morning, I tested at 75, ate 1 frozen waffle--13 carbs. Two hours later I was 252. I have eaten one waffle several times over the last two weeks, with no problems.

So I corrected, using my pump. Two hours later, I was 64... Corrected, a little too aggressively for the 64, and am now 168. The ups and downs wear me out.

Here is my question. Why would my BG rocket up like that? I am not sick, not stress, and I was taking a class when this occurred.


could the 252 have been a false high reading? Sounds a bit suspicious…? Are you sure your fingers were clean?

Have had that happen more often then I would like. Not sure why it happens but it’s just part of diabetes . I can eat the same thing day after day and one day is spike like crazy . Not a fun ride but I find it not to be an abnormal thing with me .

When I get a reading like that I normally wash my hands. Was taking a cooking class at the time and had washed them 5 minutes before, so would think it was not a false reading. Usually would rewash and retest, but circumstances prevented it.

A great response. I would agree, but I freak when it happens.

I think I blame the waffle, if that is the only high reading. Anything with syrup is usually impossible for me to measure correctly, so if I'm in the jury, I will always deliver a guilty verdict to waffles, pancakes, and bagels (even w/o syrup, bagels always get me). 75 might have been low enough to spawn some kinda rebound, though. A bunch of you have been posting about bad, unexplained highs. Makes me think I should post my recent discovery about unpredictable highs related to too much basal.

Have you heard of the dexcom sensor? It shows you your bs 24/7…when it is rising and when it’s falling. Last year I was depressed because I couldn’t control my bs. It would rise even when I didn’t eat anything. Mu doctor recommended the dexcom sensor and it has done wonders for my blood sugar. I had it for almost a year and I would recommend to Every single diabetic.