BG's High in the morning,,,what should I do?

BG’s High in the morning,what should I do?I’m a T2 for 8 years, on meds, use Humalog and Lantus.

When I wake up my BG’s are between 140-190’s. I’m not eating much before sleeping. On a very low carb diet which has lowered my BG’s a lot.

I’m thinking about adding excercise prior to sleeping…I’m desperate & frustrated…okay guys… I’m not talking sexually…ha,ha…

Am I making too much ado about nothing or should I attack this problem head on?

Help would be appreciated…Richard

it sounds like you have developed Dawn Phenomenon. You might have to change your nighttime insulin to an NPH. Talk to your endo about this.

Mine has been doing that as well and we are adjusting my lantus at the moment to see if that helps. The other night I went to bed at 99 and woke up over 300


You might need to talk to your doctor about splitting your Lantus dose and then figure out how much to take in the evening. Lantus does not last a full 24 hours for some people. So yours may be wearing off.

Also, did this happen gradually or all of a sudden, and if all of a sudden how long ago?

As jenny said, i think the lantus has a range from 18-26 hours, and varies from person to person. With regards to williamsgang2k; you said you dont eat alot before bed right? well one thing that can happen is that you may actually be going low in the night. As a reaction of low blood sugar ur body will break down fats and muscle tissues to get the glucose that it cant get from you just eating. Your long term may then be running out and so insulin is no longer apparent in ur system to triggure the uptake of sugar from your blood. So then you go high. Dont quote me on this coz it may not be the case, but it can happen, just ask ur doc about it. Try doing this tho in the meantime. Set an alarm for 4 hours after u normaly sleep, take a blood test. then again 4 hours later. I mean how many hours are u sleeping? are you waking up later etc? This is why a diabetic cant think, if i dont inject and dont eat ill be fine ;). Have you ever recovered from a mild hypo but not eaten anything :P? Anyway yeah, this will prob mean you need to split ur long term dosage. but hey im no doc so gl and hope u get them back to normal!

oh… one more thing, test the amount of long term you are taking, before ur next meal take a blood test, and as long as ur at a normal level just eat a meal of veg and protein, and dont inject shortterm then between this and ur next meal dont do excersise or stres or snack (unless non-carb containing) anything :stuck_out_tongue: just chill ( unless u go hypo :P) , test ur blood before ur next meal, if the sugars have risen u prob need to increase ur dosage as the background should cover a veg protein based meal. AGAIN this is just the way i check mine :slight_smile: so dont quote me ;). xxx

I was looking for just this topic. I am new, diagnosed in Feb, haven’t had a second A1C yet but i seem to wake up at 130-135 daily. Lately I’ve gotten my afternoons down below 120 and my evenings in the 90’s so what is up at night? I retire pretty early and so bedtime follows my brisk walk by less than 2 hours. I’m only on metformin for now and REALLY don’t want any piling on of meds if I can prevent it. I’m going to look up Dawn Phenomenon and see what that gets me.