Bid news

Just got a wonderfull news yesterday ,I am a Grand Pa for the 3 time. A wonderfull grand daugther Genevieve came to this world in time for my arrival in Halifax where my son and his wife reside.

wow, that’s great news and timing!!


What a gift Yves, after your long bicycle ride from Victoria, BC to Halifax , NS , Canada …a trek of 6154 KM ( one mile is 1.6 KM ) and I may add : fund raiser for the Canadian Diabetes Association to help end diabetes. Thanks for sharing your news …CONGRATS Grandpa ; Genevieve will make you peddle faster :wink: …be safe .

Congratulations grandpa!!

OHHHHHH Congratulations! How exciting. :slight_smile:

It looks like Genevieve is a Smart Cookie and had this all planned for Grandpa’s visit. I like her name. A Big Congratulations to you and Genevieve’s Parents and whole Family. That’s Perfect!! :o)