Big Day

Well ordered my pump today and the big day is the 23rd June… Dont know if Im nervous or excited…

well,you should’s a life changing decision.The only thing I have for you is Congrats!.

Thanks Asma …

You should rightfully be both. But once you learn, the nervousness will fade away. The excitement never fades. Congratulations!

@Scott:Wise words :slight_smile:

Congrats! I bet you can’t wait, I was counting hours till mine arrived LOL. It truly is life-changing. There is a learning curve, but nothing to be nervous about, just anoher path to walk.

Good work Natalie! You have every right to be nervous but as others have said, once you get past the ‘honeymoon’ period it will all fade away. You’ve just taken a small step toward a giant leap of better control :smiley: