Blood Glucose lows

I just had to quote your entire post because it is right on. I use glucose tablets because they are fast and easy and to measure. Depending on how low and how fast I will sometimes use 1 tab, 4g) other times 8g and only if trending fast and headed towards 50mg/dl 16g.

We have to learn how our own bodies respond to carbs and a simple sugar that needs no digestion can be best. It the same as learning how to set our basal rate, units to carb and correction factors. They are all different because we are all different.


There is an animalistic desire to eat all things when low. We need to prepare for it.
I use carb gels. Usually one does it and that’s all I eat. The difficult thing is when it happens just before a meal and I can’t decide how much bolus to take.

When I’m low I am more sensitive to insulin so it’s just another one of those factors that makes it tough.fat also changes sensitivity.


Les4. Consider your self lucky that you got the headache from your glucose low… in the past I’ve passed out from going low. Over the years my body has changed/adapted to low glucose. ie I no longer fill myself going low… to the point I have to raise my glucose level before going to bed at night.
I have to bring my glucose level to above 180. So I don’t drop below 70 by morning. And I wake several times a night just to check.

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I do have sugar candies throughout the house, car, medical bag, coat, etc. I also have apple juice in my car. I don’t know about others, but when I get a bad low, my brain doesn’t seem to be able to tell me what I should do. In years past, there were times when I had to phone my wife at work and ask her what am I supposed to do, as I turned circles in the kitchen. This last event, I was already in the store in the aisle with chocolate so just grabbed some. Forgot about everything else I have to treat lows.