Blood sugar levels in early pregnancy

Before any one confirmed pregnancy… what type of changes did you notice in the first few weeks i your sugar?

Hello- my numbers ran high… totally threw me off… I am now 13 weeks and have more than tripled the amount of insulin I am taking… this makes me nervous because I hear that I will need far more towards the end of the pregnancy!

I noticed my blood sugars being elevated. I started adding insulin but not enough. My HA1C when I was 8 weeks was 6.6 and I was so nervous … but it was hard to get the blood sugars under control because my body was changing so quickly. Everything is fine now, but if I could give anyone some advice I would start increasing insulin immediately and be very careful what you are eating. I also notice that I am super sensitive to when I “cheat” and it takes a lot longer to get blood sugars corrected. (Like - all day, for being bad and having a little extra something …) I am going on 22 weeks now and I am noticing that I am running elevated again so I increased my Lantus another unit last night and will be increasing Novolog another unit before each meal …

I too am only 6 weeks (first pregnancy) - my sugars have actually been the opposite (rather on the low side). We’ve changed the amount of insulin that I currently give (to much, much less) but have been told that by the second trimester, I will most likely double the amount that I am currently taking.
I too am SUPERSENSITIVE when I ‘cheat’ a little. I had a simple chocolate chip cookie today, gave extra insulin to compensate - and BAM - HIGH! I guess this’ll help stop me from treating myself as much.

Question - when you are ‘low’ - what works best for you? I usually have unsweetened apple juice but I am finding that it hasn’t seemed to have the same affect as it did in the past.

Apparently, what typically happens (and of course, with everything, this likely varies!) is that your blood sugars are high for the first few weeks and then are dramatically lower after that, which is just lovely :slight_smile: Then around 17w or so, you start with the resistance, which will increase until around 35/36w and will then start to decrease again since the placenta is wearing down.

This is how it has been for me, although I haven’t started decreasing quite yet and am 36w now. This is how it seems to have been for most of the ladies on, as well, but like I said, everyone is different and the most important thing you can do is just listen to your body and react accordingly!! Easy, right?? :wink:

I know how you feel. I’m 7 weeks and am anxious to get into the 2nd trimester. I’m trying so hard with these sugars. The same thing happens to me when I eat a high fat meal! My sugar can be fine 2 hours after but several hours later like in the middle of the night its HIGH! Hang in there, we CAN do this together! Good Luck!

Hello! New to this group - about 8/9 weeks along and my numbers went from just fine with metformin 2x a day at 500, to all kinds of craziness! Now I’m taking 850 2x plus an extra 500 early in the morning. Just trying to hold out till my first apt on May 4th to see what I need to do to get my numbers a little more stable. Right now I can barely eat ANY carbs without going above 170. My only saving grace is dinner - for some reason that is my low point in the day and I can actually eat normally. :slight_smile: Any tips on some breakfasts? (Oatmeal is out - half a cup spiked me to 195!)

from conception to truing the test positive, I was really really high. It was a surprise because I’d had several weeks of very in-range days. then when i missed my period, i figured i had conceived (a few months before I thought I would). My CDE said insulin resistance due to the placental hormones doesn’t usually start this early, but your metabolic rate suddenly jumps and it changes things in your diabetes. infuriating…I’m now in my 7th week and still combatting highs. I posted in the Diabetic Mommy forums and got some great advice and feedback, just like you did here. we really need each other now!

UPDATE - its been a couple weeks now taking the extra 500 a day and my numbers have started to get a lot better.

I’ve been having my hubby wake me up at 6:00 when he is getting ready for work to take my pill nice and early with a little snack. (Then I go back to sleep! :wink: Then when my 3 year old wakes me when she gets up, we have some breakfast and I take the extra 500. (I take the other 850 with dinner)

My morning numbers have gone to averaging 145 to 160 to now about 95 to 125. Much better! :slight_smile:

I would talk to your doctor earlier rather than later about metformin. My Endo gave me a script for insulin so that the moment I get pregnant, I’m supposed to switch to that over the metformin and my OB/GYN agreed.

I had 2 miscarriages already but while I was pregnant for breakfast, I learned that some egg beater ommies (or hard boiled egg) with a glass of milk worked wonders for my numbers. I was never over 100 one hour later! Good luck with the pregnancy.