Blood sugar spikes in the early weeks of pregnancy..pls help

I am currently 4week pregnant.I recently started using progesterone supplements.My morning numbers are high for the past few days…100-110mg…but am managed to keep my post lunch sugars below 120…will it harm my baby if there are few spikes in the early pregnancy?Am worried…

Just do your best. Find an expert in Type 1 pregnancies to guide you through the process. I am sure there are women on this site who know where to look and who to ask!

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@avinabipin hi there and congratulations welcome to the whirlwind of diabetes and pregnancy.
everythung is a worry but try not to this will then help with sugar levels as well as both you and babies health.
I can’t remember very well at the beginning of pregnancy and sugar levels but I think it’s normal to have highs as hormones and body is working on over drive to aid both of you guys.

Having a great team to help you during your pregnancy really helps, if it wasn’t for my wonderful team with both my girls I don’t know where I would be.
I know it’s easy for me to say but take it easy and enjoy every minute time goes by so fast before you know it you will have a 4 year old with the attitude of a teenager.:joy:(that’s what I have at the moment) feel free to message me if you need to. Xxxx

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Hi, @avinabipin – first, congratulations indeed!

To your specific question: yes, both pregnancy itself (with the increase of progesterone that happens naturally every cycle after ovulation, even before you are pregnant) and the additional progesterone supplements will make your BG go higher than normal. While the numbers you list aren’t bad, what I would advise is to talk to your doctor about trying to increase your basal levels by 10-15% for about 2 hours before you notice the increase. (This is easier done on a pump but a good endocrinologist would know how to do it with multiple daily injections as well.)

I am still only trying to conceive and so have been educating myself in detail about the interaction between T1D and being pregnant. I would recommend a couple of resources I found great in this research: Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes and this article which is really intended for medical personnel but a patient can also get a lot out of: Managing Preexisting Diabetes for Pregnancy - PMC and know what to be alert to and aim for.

Also, Dr. Louis Jovanovic seems to be one of the key experts on diabetes during pregnancy so I seek out everything I can find by her. Here’s a brief description by her about how insulin needs change during the different phases of pregnancy: Pregnancy and diabetes FAQ with Lois Jovanovic, MD. And here’s the most recent video with her I have seen (but there are others if you search on YouTube):

I wish you a healthy pregnancy and happy baby when it comes!

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Thankoo you soon much for ur replies… :slight_smile: