Blurred vision

Dennis, it’s called hyperopia. It’s what happens after you turn 45 or so - you start to lose your near vision when you age.

i’m VERY near sighted. :slight_smile:

i’m very relieved to hear that someone has the same issue with losing the central vision when they’re low (this usually happens when i’m in the 40s or 50s). i was freaking out and thought something was wrong with my eyes, but both my ophthalmologist and optometrist (trained in diabetic retinopathy) say everything is fine. i get retinal scans every year and all is well.

Ive had type 1 diabetes for oh most 4 years now, i can definently relate to the eye blurriness, I uste to wear contacs, all the time, but now all i wear is glasses. I try to keep my sugars normal, but it is defenently a challenge, every hour of every day.

Blurred eyesight is a sign of high blood glucose. This is caused by difference between the glucose content of the lens and that of the blood. The lens contains no bloodvessels (otherwise it will block light into the eye) Glucose from the blood is now transported into the lens through the surrounding fluid. So when the glucose of the blood suddenly change, the glucose of the lens is bound to be different. If the glucose content of the lens is higher than that of the blood, the lens will try to absorb water, and it will swell. The lens now refract light differently causing a temporary shortsightedness. It affects vision the same way as if you are wearing someone else’s glasses

I noticed mine gets burred around sunset… when I am driving home from work… kinda weird…


It be best to go to an opthamologist!!! Diabetics need yearly dilated eye exams to check for retinopathy!! I alway went to an optometrist until my endo said I should see an opthamologist. Well, when I went he told me I had retinopathy and I had to have laser surgery!! I was mad my optometrist never said anyhting!!

I had blurry vision before I was diagnosed with type 2 /am on Metaformin. I have cataracts also.

I had cataract surgery in both eyes this summer. I notice more blurriness, longer, now when I’m high than I did before. I can sometimes ‘see’ the edges of the lenses with the blurriness. Not complaining though… I’m 20/25 in both eyes :wink: