Body building - weight training - type 1 WITHOUT weight/fat loss goals


Did you lift pre diabetes ?

I did and I am tall and thin and I am actually getting better results then before.

That might be cause I am more consistent now. I only managed 10lbs muscle in 10 months since my diagnosis but that’s 10 more then the years pre diagnosis. I have always been thin and I won’t get that huge look.

Strength is the same but I got 10 more pounds.

I am going to read that stuff jack16 posted. I do the low carb thing but need to learn how to bolus properly too.

Yesterday my sugar was at 190 after eating at a friends house so I just went to the gym and knocked it down to 95 in an hour. 190 that sucks , never goes that high when I eat my usual predictable foods at home.

Also maybe you are over training, I do that then I notice when I miss a few days I am stronger when I get back to the gym from the extra recovery time I may need now with this sugar problem.


You are absolutely right and pretty much anyone on a CGM can confirm that. Carbs beget Carbs and Training Begets Training. Simple example: If you can knock down your BG for the next 3 days from 150 to 100 after a meal by walking .5 miles, by day 4 you will need to walk .7 miles to get the same effect and then after 7 days .9 miles, etc.

If you eat to your meter, you can get your carbs under control and then determine how much protein/fat you need to add to maintain or increase your weight. Most people are too hung up on A1C rather than concentrating on TIR (Time in range) and SD (Standard Deviation) which will peg your A1C wherever you and or your endo will want to see it.

Jack16 has got it nailed - Get your T1D under control without exercise and then work in your exercise as a single variable and you can make it all happen.

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That is weird how that happens.

The whole thing is insane. That exact same exercise I did to go from 190 to 95 might have changed an initial 130 to an 80.

I found a whole branch of mathematics for diabetes

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I’m in my late thirties so it might just take me longer than younger folks. I did lift regularly many years ago (maybe 10-15), but just got back into it maybe in the last year. I hope I’m not overtraining—I only lift 3 days a week! That said, I’m somewhat newly diagnosed (<1 yr) so I’m still fine-tuning my insulin dosage, and CGM has helped a lot with that thus far. I’m not on a pump yet but want to be.

For me, lifting weights either “freezes” my BG or makes it go up a bit, not down. If I’m too high before I start (>200), I’ll do some cardio until I’m in range before hitting the weights so I don’t go even higher.


“The best diet is one people can stick too”

This video is pretty good.


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