Body Shaking

Hi all,

I have been type 2 for over 10 years. Not so funny symptom. My whole body is trembling/shaking like it’s in a low.ive checked and it’s still up around 16. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m not going for a walk. I’ve been drinking tons of water and upped my Lantus. Am I missing something? Has this happened to you?

When blood glucose levels are way out of range, either high or low it is normal for your body to send you unusual messages in all sorts of ways. If you are at 16 mmol at 1:30 AM, I would think you would consider taking a fast acting insulin such as Humalog to bring down your BG after meals.

Your BG is seriously out of range and unless this is a one-time event it appears it is high time for you to review your lifestyle, food plan, insulin types and dose requirement with whatever professional is helping you manage your diabetes.

Frequent spikes like you are having now, will lead to complications and it appears your body may be screaming at you to get help now!!!


I know when I started to more normalize my blood sugar I would drop a say to 200 (11.1) from around 250 (13.3) I woudl feel shaky and really want food.

I was not low, the 11.1 proved that, so it was not necessary for me to inject calories. I eventual got over it. I suggest you follow you meter not your desire to ingest food. Eventually it will normalize but it may be tough.

It is worth the trouble.

Are you unwell, coming down with an infection? That will raise your BG.

Hi, no I am not unwell as of yet.

Yes, it’s getting a tiny bit better with the BG. Had at few successful readings 8.3, 7.2 & 4.5 all in the morning. The earliest I can see a doctor is after August 13 th. Been more active and trying flush the system with water.

I agree it is a struggle. I really want to eat but it not a good reading. I’m not usually interested in breakfast which I know is not good. Sometimes my morning numbers are in the high range so eating is ( I think) not an option.

When BG has been chonically high for some time and starts to drop one can have the symptoms of a hypo without being hypo.

It is very uncomfortable. I suggest eating a snack of mixed carbs, protein and fat such as mixed nuts, cheese or peanut butter. This should take the edge off, without spiking BG back into the stratosphere.

After you gain better BG management and it drops to a real hypo, then you might want to use something like a glucose gel or a non-fat candy like Smarties or Jolly Ranchers.

My go to are glucose tablets, but many find them unpleasant. I like that they are a measured quantity, 4 g per tab.