Brainstorm: Post your ideas for protesting the high price of insulin

We could keep doing the same thing (working with the system) and expect different results but I don’t expect the results to change any time soon.

My first idea is a poster campaign, with numbers in the millions we could certainly get the word out, put it front and center the public’s mind what they are doing to us. Maybe the public would side with us.

Denial of service, we have the numbers to shut down the phone lines of any government agency or pharmaceutical company by all or even a small fraction of us calling at the same time.

Post your ideas.

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You shouldn’t be advocating for a DOS. They are illegal.

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Oh come on, who’s side are you on ?

“Sides” has nothing to do with calling out your comment about DOS.

Post a better idea. That’s what this threads about.

Your idea is illegal. Threads are not designed to encourage anarchy.

They are killing us therefor I don’t care.

But no derailing this thread. OK your right its illegal. If this thread is 20 pages over that one idea then its wrecked.

Post a better idea.

Write your politicians about it.




7.5 million people writing letters would overwhelm the mail room. LOL

1,000,000 sheets of paper would have a total thickness ( height ) of 10,000 cm or 100 metres – though a bit less allowing for its weight. Since a metre is 39.4 inches or 3.2833 feet, 1 million sheets would be 328.33 feet high.

So OK I like that idea. Sorry.

I am walking away from this computer now.

Continue the brainstorm.

Lets make it post your ideas for the first week.

Then start the discussion on the pros and cons of each idea a week from now 1/13/2020.

I am walking away from this computer before I get started and wreck the thread myself.

I can get behind your protest but I agree with Dave that a denial of service attack would be illegal. While it might feel good it would only give the cause a bad name, causing more damage than good.

A letter writing campaign is very legal. Even if not all were not read, a million of them would be hard to ignore. The trick would be to direct them all to the same mailbox.

If you are serious pick a mailbox, design a form letter that can be sent. Get the ball rolling. I will be one of the million letters.

Honestly the most effective protest we could do would be just buying $25 R insulin at Walmart… which reflects its true value…

The minute enough people did that to alter the game the whole pbm rebate house of cards would come crumbling down. I realize it’ll never happen because people are sheep… but that’s the one thing that would work.

What, and give up my Novolog. When they pry it from my cold dead hands.

While what you say is true, it will be hard to convince enough people to give up the good stuff. Analog insulins have made life much easier for us. Sure we could survive on ‘R’ but are we willing to make the sacrifice.

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Show me an effective protest in any facet of history that didn’t involve sacrifice.

Your sentiments are nearly unanimous, and it’s why it’ll never work… but it’s the one thing that surely would.


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My next idea is forwarding the ideas generated here to diabets activists who already have a following on social media.

Maybe hire a computer hacking outfit to get the e mail lists from the astroturf advocacy groups and controlled opposition funded by the pharmaceutical industry so they can be used to inform diabetics and organize a protest.

It might be possible to get insiders sympathetic to the cause to leak these mailing lists.

Having an “army” of 7.5 million people is useless if you can’t communicate with the troops.

Again like the denial of service campaigns this is likely illegal. I won’t give my opinion about the merits of this idea but I will say this is best not discussed in an open forum.

Keep up the brainstorm cause remember they do it too. Groups of highly intelligent people gather and discuss how the can protect their racket of extorting sick people to generate billions of dollars and quite obviously the question of whats right and wrong is not much part of their discussions.

And ya they don’t do it on open forums but this is what we got.

But wow would I would love to hear what goes on behind their closed doors.

To add to the poster campaign idea, the most realistic so far IMO, part of it would be encouraging more people to make posters with the posters themselves to try and make the number of posters grow exponentially.

See this poster and agree? Help out by making more. Something like that.