Brand new diabetic

I have just been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and one of my symptoms is intense itching, esp of hand and feet at night. It is driving me crazy, no amount of scratcing will make it stop. My blood sugars on oral meds are now normal, at the time I am experiencing the itching. Is this ever going to stop?

When I was on oral medication…metformin and glipizide I never experienced itching at all. What medication are you taking and have you talked to your Doc about it? if so, I m curious to know what he or she said…

If you are on Januvia, your itching may be a sign that the drug is messing with your immune system and you are having an allergic reaction, especially if you are having a rash. Januvia is new and not well tested and it causes a lot of dangerous immune system reactions that doctors are NOT aware of.

Alternatively, your itching maybe a sign of nerve damage from the high blood sugars you have been exposed to over the many years when your blood sugars were high but your doctor missed the diagnosis. Most doctors give the wrong screening tests and most of us have Type 2 diabetes for up to a decade before we get a diagnosis…

If you can keep your blood sugar under 140 mg/dl at all times, you can reverse that kind of nerve damage.

I’m not sure what your doctor told you was “Normal.” Many doctors tell patients dangerously high blood sugars are normal.

Please check out this web page which will teach you how to achieve truly normal blood sugars. It really works and a lot of us have found it saves our lives.

Many people with type 2 will be able to give up oral drugs completely if they get their carbs down low enough, especially if they are recently diagnosed!

I am taking metformin, was on just 1000 mg, 1/2 pill a day. I talked to the pharmasist after I had been on it for awhile and the itching persisted, it had stopped at first when I went on the meds. He said it could be an allergic reaction to the meds and go back to the doctor, and in the meantime to take benadryl, which when it kicks in does eventually make it stop. So

I have this too. I didn’t know what caused it until I learned I was diabetic earlier this week. I have intense itching and also pinching feelings mostly at night. I didn’t remember to tell the doctor about this. I have scratched my thighs until I have bruises.

This is what I am hoping for as my diet was outrageous. Until this past week when the doctor said “diabetes” I paid no attention to what I ate though I constantly complained about my weight. I am a compulsive overeater. It is amazing how the word “diabetes” brought that to a screeching halt. I have had the itching for about six months I would say but pricking sensations for much longer. This is actually a blessing for me to make the changes I need to make. Since eating properly this week, today my fasting number was 104 and I am so happy Carol

Don’t know if this is good for you or not, but I found that running hot water on itchy skin helps.