So here’s a question for those with little ones: does anyone have any idea how many carbs are in an ounce of breastmilk? Eric wasn’t yet weaned when he was diagnosed, and now I’m trying to wean him but it’s difficult because he derives comfort from it and I am reluctant to take that away when we’re in such a tough transition. I don’t think he gets much in the way of carbs (or milk for that matter) from me in the evenings but I’m still curious. If anyone knows, I’d sure like to have the answer.

It is really difficult to determine how many carbs are in the breast milk a child gets because you are unable to measure the amount they actually are getting. Sorry, I’m not much help.

We were told 10-15 for 5 ounces.

Elizabeth,please do not wean him,he needs comfort,he needs to grow,why to count CHO at his age? What insulin he is on?

I was going to wean him at 18 months like I did his brother, but now I guess I’m going to hold off a while longer. I only feed him in the evening anyway when I’m trying to get him settled down for bedtime, and with all the changes in his life it just doesn’t seem right to pile another one on top. If it’s only a couple of carbs per ounce, that’s not bad–I’d be surprised if he got more than an ounce or two from me anyway.

He’s on Lantus for his basal, Humalog for bolus. It seems to be working well because we’ve had fairly good control in the past week or so. We have to watch him though because often his big brother will leave milk, juice, or crackers where Eric can get them and that can be a problem if we don’t catch him in time.