Brittle diabetic?

My old endo said I’m a brittle diabetic. I fluctuate I think a lot. No resistance though and it’s mostly lows I get. I try to manage. I just started an insulin pump and cgms. Today I googled brittle diabetic and didn’t like what I read. I’ll be completely honest…I haven’t always tried so hard to manage, but for the last 4 years I’ve REALLY been trying. My thyroids good too. They just made it sound like people who don’t try to control have brittle diabetes. It just upset me. Glad I can rant here.

this is the best place to rent --u can try real hard and junk still happens…just do your best and try to ignore those who try to blame you

Hopefully you have a supportive doc! Mine is, makes a HUGE difference

Don’t believe everything you read ! Brittle doesn’t mean not
trying to control one’s diabetes. Some people just happen to
have Brittle Diabetes, I happen to be one who has Brittle Diabetes.
I try real hard to control my diabetes, not always getting the results
I desire. I believe we have an extra component in our bodies that
is not working properly, that makes some of us Brittle.

BD is an antiquated term. Don’t google it and don’t use it, or refer to yourself as one- your not. Forget about the diabetic you used to be and focus on the the person with diabetes you are. Your a person with diabetes whose doing her best every single day. You have some challenges with fluctuation and lows. Your working on it. Get yourself an Endo and an CDE who works with you as a team. And be proud of how far you’ve come and the hard work you do for your health!

I agree with Kelly. The description for “brittle” actually fits all type 1s and is often used to describe patients who have given up - we could all do the same things everyday and have inexplicable, unexpected numbers - but the term is outdated and will bring you nothing but discrimination. I had a college professor for four years who referred to diabetics as “brittle boned” all of the time and wouldn’t allow my classmates to touch me - in a performance class where movement was expected. It was awfully embarrassing and took me a long time to confront her. We all do the best we can with the diet, meds, and control we can achieve. We’re each our own person and there is no roadmap for this disease.