BURNOUT: Taking Control of Your Diabetes: Burnout and Other Emotional Barriers to Good Control

Dr. Steven Edelman speaks with clinical psychologist Dr. Bill Polonski about the emotional issues that get in the way of good diabetes control. Series: "Taking Control of Your Diabetes"

Dr Polonski is respected dotcor, and talks about the important issue of 'burnout'.

I hope you enjoy this and find it useful.


watch the video here

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Just write your message and then use the right HTML button on top of the input field. After that the view will switch to HTML. At the end of your message you can insert the embed HTML code of youtube. It should have the same result as the Media button - hard to say what went wrong.

thanks holger,i tried that.i pasted the embed code in html view - did not work

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I’ve had similar problems embedding videos. I always assume it is just operator error. I tried both ways of embedding, the posted video appears properly in the draft, but when you reply it seems to strip all the embedded code.

I suspect the issue has to do with the type of code that you try to embed. By default, I believe YouTube presents you with embed code that lets you embed using a method called iframe. Iframes don’t work anywhere on TuDiabetes (or any network on Ning, for that matter, except under circumstances such as when you are the network creator).

To solve this, make sure that you are using the “old code” as shown in the screenshot below, so that you can embed using the “object” method. That is the one I used for the video I just embedded and it worked fine:

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Is a “clinical psychologist specializing in diabetes” covered or does he just do research or something like that? He seems to make a lot of great points but what do you do ‘out in the field’ when you are faced with these situations, see your doctor every 6 months or so? That’s always sort of alarmed me. It’s ok but if you are having problems, waiting 6-8 weeks for an appointment is not going to be useful to anyone with an actual problem.

I like the bits about the ‘peculiar relationship with meters’ and other gizmos though…I will certainly plead gulty to that. I’m not a huge fan of “can you make sure there’s diet soda in the fridge”?? I like doing the grocery shopping because “suprise” there’s the stuff I need?

Woah, Werewolf syndrome is also part of the deal! munch munch. These guys are sharp!

thanks manny, it worked !!

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