Bye-bye Levemir

After 2 1/2 weeks I’ve decided it’s just not working for me :frowning:

My #'s are fine after I give corrections and immediately after meals, but inbetween meals and overnight, they go up and up and up… I’ve increased how much I’m taking nearly 3 fold and that hasn’t really helped at all. My CDE agrees that it’s just not a good match for me, so back on Lantus I go… oh well.

I have come across some anecdotal information that suggest that for some people, Levemir doesn’t work at all because of it’s method of absorbtion. I wonder if I am one of those people.

good to know. i was pondering the idea of switching from my lantus to levemir in the coming weeks. maybe not…

Well it seems to work for a lot of people… just not me apparently :frowning: I’m not comfortable taking more than what I’ve worked up to, I actually feel safer switching back. My concern is not so much with the amount, but the fact that it just doesn’t seem to be DOING anything for me. I don’t like hanging out in the 300’s :frowning:

no being in the 300’s definately sucks. is it possible that it was a bad batch? like expired or something?

Sorry to hear this. I’ve had better numbers on Levemir.

Wonder if you have a bad bottle. I’ve returned bad insulin to my pharmacy (CVS) & they given me a replacement with no questions asked.

I doubt it was bad, but I know that it’s possible. I should be pumping in about a month anyways assuming I can sort out the insurance nightmare I find myself in, so honesty even trying the Levemir was more of an experiment, and given all the Lantus news lately, I figured I should give it a try. It is good to know that it may not work for me though.

When I saw my CDE a week ago she said that most of her patients were requiring 40-60% more Levemir than Lantus and that I shouldn’t be too surprised if I did too (after just a week I’d increased my doses a lot on my own)… it seemed like I was on track with that, but at the time I’d only been on it about a week… the day I went in to see here though, my fasting # had been 256! I continued upping my morning and evening doses by a couple units, and that didn’t have much effect, so as an experiment I dramatically bumped up my doses the past two days with almost no effect at ll- in fact the first evening after doing so I was battling 300’s with no food on board, so clearly something was off. This morning (9:30ish) I was 214, after correcting a high at 3am. It really felt like all the corrections I’ve been taking her making up for missed basal coverage.

I’m 3 hours back on Lantus, and it’s funny how odd it seems to be in the low 100’s right now, not fighting highs :slight_smile: I took more tonight than I used to, since I don’t feel like I had any working basal in my system already, so I took 14u and I’ll take 4u in the morning, and work my way back to splitting 50/50 over the next week. For reference, I took 30u of Levemir last night, and 20u this morning… my normal dose on Lantus was 9/9, and then 12/10 for the week or so before my period. I would normally also take 3-4u of NPH to help combat DP.

300’s:( Awful! Glad you’re back to good numbers.

Geesh, that’s a lot more Levemir & to have it do nothing at all! My doses of Lantus & Levemir were the same. Once again, amazing how we’re all different. I have DP, too, & Levemir really helped mine.

Really hope you get your insurance nightmare worked out. That alone is enough to raise BG.

Update: I went very low last night, and again this morning while cleaning house… odd sensations after two weeks of high #'s!

Legitimate hypos too, in the mid 40’s… I’ve seen this happen before, after running high for a length of time, I seem to be acutely sensitive to changes in basal insulin, and just a unit or two off can send me crashing… odd, but it is what it is, and kind of strange since I actually SKIPPED the 4u shot I planned to take this morning (lame, but I forgot - I was more worried about cleaning, and by the time I thought about it, I was already low, so I decided not to take it). I think I’ll scale back tonight’s Lantus to 10u and see if that is better for now… and then maybe i can add some in again in the mornings. Lantus never seemed to last 24 hours for me so I’m sure I’ll still need it twice a day.

So either the Levemir decided to kick in a little late to the party, or it’s proof that Lantus just works better… WAY better :slight_smile:

Oh well, live and learn!