Hi, I joined this community on behalf of my mum who has type 2. She has recently been injecting Byetta (on its own) having been taken off Metformin due to its dreadfull side effects which nearly resulted in her being persuaded to have a colostomy which was totally unnecessary. She still takes BP meds together with diuretics. She has lost around 2 1/2 stone in such a short time but her daily average levels have been over 24. This past weekend her levels were so high they could not be read at all. I tried everything to try and help her, normally walking helps bring her levels down.

Is there anyone out there who uses only Byetta? Do you find that your levels are high? If not any advice on the the type of food to eat with Byetta. My mum is very good with the type of foods she consumes but I'm not sure if she is eating enough!!

Can anyone help?


If her blood glucose levels are over 24, she is likely putting herself in danger from hyperglycemia. If she cannot use metformin, her doctor can prescribe a different oral medication or insulin. That she has lost so much weight suggests again that her blood glucose levels are dangerously high. Please try to have her consult with her physician ASAP.

I agree with Tamana. She likely needs more help from her GP and she is dangerously high. Byetta will help the pancreas along but it wont always do it all. Good luck.

I am using Byetta with other meds. Byetta has some horrible side effects. There is a Byetta group on this website. Perhaps join that group to meet with byetta users that may have similar experiences

Thank you so very much.

(Diolch yn fawr iawn) (Thank you very much - in Welsh)

(Diolch yn fawr iawn) (Thank you very much - in Welsh)

(Diolch yn fawr iawn) (Thank you very much - in Welsh)