C-peptide the test

Hi all,
Can anyone shine a little light on this test for me, Michael went to have this done this morning for everyone is confused that he is so bad all of the sudden, that maybe this was brought on by damage to the his organs, is this true?

I don’t know a lot about this test. All I know is that it determines whether or not your pancreas makes any of it’s own insulin.

Our doc is thinking that as well, however Michael used to be quite a heavy drinker in the past, which concerns us as well.

all this test does is show how much insulin the Pancreas is producing as to whether or not the person will need to take insulin or not. It mainly determines the type of diabetes the person has, whether it is Type1 or Type2.

Are there not differant kinds besides type 1 and type 2, i mean i have heard and read so many possibilities that this could be, i do know that he is far too severe to be type 2 obviously. I just have this strange feeling that this was brought on by something else like i said before call me crazy but, he is just not your typical unhealthy sort of guy!

There are 4 types of Diabetes.
Type 1
Type 2

Under Type1 and Others there are many different breakdown designations. Most likely due to his age he is Type 1.5/LADA which is under the Type1 Designation.

don’t live for what brought it on, live on how to treat it and what to do from this day forward.