Caffeine and diabetes or others known helpful things

today on dr oz, he stated that coffee can help with diabetes. does he mean the caffeine in coffee? why didn’t he just say a regular diet coke or other things with caffeine? also he said having 2 tablespoon of vinegar before a meal suppose to help, but i would think vinegar would ruin your esophagus or stomach lining…

my endocrinologist has put me on an nutrient called alpha lipoic acid capsule to help my diabetes

a friend of mine told me to eat more garlic, curry and cinnamon, he claims all those help diabetes as well.

don’t think it would do me any good. i am type 1, insulin dependent since 1993

what tips do you have on foods or so that could help diabetes, so many things people are saying are helpful for diabetes, but how real/true is it?
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